Saturday, June 5, 2010

So much to tell...

So much to tell and not a single bit of it is very exciting.  I worked from Miramichi all week taking minutes at a Managers meeting.  I learned a ton  -which was great! But sleeping away from home takes it's toll.  The bed was hard and not very comfy and the boardroom chairs are not designed to hold ones bottom for that many days in a row.

I came home in time to catch a cold/flu type thing.  I ache all over and my throat is on fire and I can't swallow - ugh!  good thing my cakes were baked before I left! 

Puppy is nuts!  She has mastered teh stairs finally and is getting along better with everyone...but she's crazy!  She's running laps and nocking stuff over and getting into everything and pulling and tugging and all the great things taht puppies do...and tomorrow - I'm off to Campbellton - with DH and puppy in tow...Getting back to a dull roar will be good.

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