Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Death by butterflies!!!

Do you suppose anyone has ever died from butterflies?? You know the ones I'm talking about. The swirley twirleys that you get in your stomach when you're 5 years old and it's Christmas Eve! The kind where you're soooo excited, you almost feel sick and have to run to the bathroom a zillion times!! Well...I gottem and I gottem baaaaaad! Why you ask?? Well...cuzz...I'M TOTALLY GETTING A REBEL!!!!! I have wanted one sooo bad for so long! They were so expensive, though, that it really wasn't an option, but this year - DH totally came through!! Thanks to the boxing day sale at the Futureshop, he ordered it on line and it was shipped yesterday morning!! Now's the hard part :( Tomorrow is the scheduled delivery date and it's New Years Eve!!! I would totally FREAK OUT to have my new baby on New Years Eve...but my gut tells me that it will get caught up in the Holiday and I won't get it until Friday. :( It makes me sad just thinking about it. I'm not gonna let it get me down though :p No sir-eee! I'm too excited!!

Cross your fingers for me m'kay?!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Naked Farting Parties!!!

I'm amazed at how crazy two 6 year old girls can behave!

DD & her bestest friend since they were 3 stayed over last night...and tonight, they're having a sleepover at friends house. Getting the 2 of them together requires 2 things...Planning and Liquor!!! Seriously! I've never seen the likes of it!!

Last night, they were up till 11pm - would not go to sleep! The giggles and silliness was no longer fun for me! The rump shaking and potty humor was not humorous! At one point, I looked at DD and said VERY loudly..."UNLESS YOU CALM DOWN - YOU WILL NEVER HAVE ANYMORE SLEEPOVERS...EVER!!!" She looks at friend and says in a "donkey from Shrek" voice..."I Likem Feisty!!!" WTH do I do with THAT??!! It was all I could do to keep a straight face!!!

Today, we spent 2 hours fighting in the snow until friend finally stabbed snowman through the heart with a wooden steak...then stabbed him in the face and cut off his head!!! Meanwhile, DD put horns on the 2nd of 3 snowmen!! lol (It was actually kinda fun and not nearly as sociopathic as it sounds!)

Tonight, they can't sleep because DD's stuffed unicorn keeps farting in her face...and earlier, friends Dad had to break up a naked farting party in the bathroom!! Good Gawd!! Isn't there a medication for this sort of behavior?? lol In the middle of all the silliness, DD took some fabo shots with her new digi cam...Here are some highlights from today!

This last pic cracks me up!! They really are a terrific pair! They fight like sisters, and play like friends...when they're not fighting like sisters that is!! I can't wait to hear the rest of the stories that come of their sleepover tonight! Heaven help us all!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Almost 2009!

I must admit that I wasted no time whipping that darn tree out of my house!! LOL It is officially one with the front lawn!!

I'm not sure what was up with me this year, but I was totally NOT in the Christmas spirit! I put less then half my ornaments on my tree, none around the house...listened to Christmas music only once...didn't get a single card sent out and didn't put a single light outside!!

so - yesterday, I was taking down the tree and feeling like I totally gipped myself. Don't get me wrong...I had a great Christmas, but I couldn't help but feel like I needed to do more then I did. Well..duh! lol The only way I could have done less is if I didn't shop for the kids!!

For the coming year, I have decided that I won't make a single new years resolution...other then the following:

1. I will "try" to send out birthday cards etc. every month...

2. I will actually send out Christmas cards...dare I say it?? early!!!

3. All of my hand made cards will be done by September.

4. I will use every single one of my ornaments...unless they're fugly...in which case it doesn't count!! lol

5. I'll put up a tree in my basement for all the extra ornaments that my sister sent me.

6. I will actually get an advent calendar for the girls...and follow it!

7. All...and I mean ALL my shopping will be done by October 1st!! The only thing I want to think about after October 1st is my Secret Santa gift and a few odds n' ends that won't matter anyway!

8. I want all my Christmas decorations up by the end of November.

9. I want my tree up by December 1st.

10. I will not miss a single concert, or craft fair.

11. My house will look like Las Vegas with all the lights!

12. I'll enjoy every single minute of the holidays!

I think that's about all I can handle in one year...Here's hoping I can keep up with at least half of it!! lol Remind me next year to check back on this darn list and how far behind I am!! LOL

Monday, December 8, 2008

Canine depth perception

Lucy...She's mine baby - allll mine! And being all mine has left her scarred I'm sure! LOL I get such a kick out of her! She's well over 100lbs. She's "Multi-cultural" with that crazy long fur and even though she's super quiet and calm, the slightest bit of perky-ness sounds like a heard fo caribou running through the house!

So the other day, I took her to Moms. (That's only next door, so technically she just came along for the walk). She went into the porch, then I walked out of the porch, and she wasn't behind me! Why?? Well...the screen door which never closes unless it's forced was only open about 12"...and she needs approx 3 feet! lol even though there was more then enouh space for her to walk through and the spring hinge would have easily pushed the door open so she could walk out...she stood there whyning and staring me down with those big brown eyes!! LOL I had to go back up the stairs, open the door and try to get out of the way cuz she won't walk down the stairs in front of me! I always go first! lol Then Saturday afternoon, we put a rolley cart at the top of the stairs...but because she only has 24" to sneak by, she decides to make this crazy leap to get passed the savage animal (the rolley cart that could eat her) and she bangs into the darn thing and sends it crashing down the steps, on top of her with acrylic stamps and foam brushes and storage containers flying everywhere!! She peed herself the whole way down!! lol What a freakin mess for me to clean up! So now she's terrified of rolley carts! AND she's afraid of the dark!! LOL My poor pup! Do they have doggy theriapists?? Maybe she just lacks depth perception?? lol Good think she'll wear glasses!!

Holiday Perspective

This year, I get to coordinate the donations for our Christmas Families. We accepted 2 from Tranisition house and I have to say that no kiddo should have to ask Santa for a blanket...especially not when they're only 3 & 5 years old! I think I'll stop worrying about weather or not I've done enough for my own kiddo's and focus on what we already have. Kindof a somber post but...tis the season. :)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The rule of the band-aid

How big does a "cut" have to be before it deserves a band-aid? Must there be blood showing or is a scrape enough? What is it about band-aids that seems to make it feel better? My youngest is obsessed with the darn things! She'll go through an entire box in a wink! It drives me nuts cuz when she finally does NEED one...we're always out!!

So - tonight we were goofing around, and the dog got excited and jumped up and caught her with a nail (the dog needs her nails trimmed too). It left a scrap on her calf about 8" long. It starts out as a white mark, but ends with a barely broken skin type scratch. If you squeeze it - I'm sure it would eventually bleed, but so far - no showing of blood anywhere. I humor my wee sprog with a round band-aid...then she nudges for a 2nd one. Finally I cut her off...until she points to the teeeniest tiny-est dot...less then a pin prick if I do say so myself and expresses concern that she needs another one to "keep it from getting infected"!!! Holy cow!! The dot is so small that a germ would never find it!! Nevertheless, she got a 3rd round baind-aid and is no longer mad at the dog.

Now that she knows where these band-aids are...I know I'll ahve to buy a new box tomorrow. Ugh...I wish somebody would write a book on the rules of the band-aid.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Making Christmas presents

This Christmas I have decided to make as many christmas presents as are humanly possible. If I can get my act together, my sister will be getting a rag quilt...as well as my Mom.

While surfing for some ideas, I also discovered that you can make (and why I didn't think of this I'll never know) rag quilt purses and tote bags!!! I found these on "Ioffer"??

So - I'll have to make a couple of those...as well as these super adorable "quilted christmas ball ornaments". This one is from the "Ornamental girl" site and I found a great tutorial on how to make them here.

I'm totally going to have my hands full...I hope I don't slack off and wind up buying presents in the end cuz that would totally defeat the purpose of the thought counting so much!! lol

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Do you suppose that frogs fart?? If they do...how does that look? Does it offend other frogs, or is it a status symbol?? You know...I may very well have too much time on my hands! lol

The Revenge of Rubberface!

I'm a bad tooth owner - I'll admit it! I'm not sure why I avoid the dentist…I just do! I shouldn't though - my dentist is totally cute! He's got a fooze ball table, video games and television in the ceiling! And yet - I go about every 3 years…usually when I HAVE to go.

Last night we had pork chops for dinner…I took a bite and WHAM! It felt like my tooth would split in two!!! I didn't eat last night…by this morning I was starving and my tooth still hurt! I was lucky to get in to see my Dentist at 10:30 this morning. He told me that when a tooth ache is waking you up at night it means 1 of 2 things...it would need to be pulled…or a root canal!! Happy feeling gone!! My first response was…"I was kidding - it's totally NOT waking me up at night!" So he laughed at me and tapped on the troubled tooth with something metal and painful!! So I jumped about 2 feet and when I landed I told him I'd mess him up if he hurt me! lol Yeah - he totally wasn't threatened! An hour later, I left with a temporary filling to deal with for 2 weeks while the medication they jammed into the root canal does its thing!

I head to the superstore for Ibuprofin...then to Tim HOrtons for chocolate milk to wash it down. The punk behind the counter was admiring my palsy (which conicadentally also magnifies the moustache I seem to have grown overnight!). I try to smile and tell him I just had a root canal...He says - "yeah - I can tell!" I seriously wanted to kick the crap out of him! Then he laughs at me when I tried to take a drink!!! I didn't think it was that funny! Imagine trying to coordinate drinking from a triangular cardboard box without half of your bottom lip! Yeah...Not Hot!! And not funny either!! We'll see who's laughing when I kick his A$%! LOL

So here I sit - back at work. I picked up Wendy's cuz I'm starving and thought…it's soft! Well…it's the Revenge of Rubber Face!! The drool is totally NOT HOT and I'm trying to tear hunks of my burger off with my lips…but only half my face is working! The other half feels like it's sliding off! I really do look quite ridiculous and everyone is looking at me funny! I tried to take a drink of my coke...but my pucker is frozen too! Seriously!! Hopefully when the freezing comes out I won't look like such a dork!!

Oh a happier note - I got 3 bags of Timothy mix hay for the girls today for only $2.99 each!! WOOT! (Oh - for those of you who don't know..."The girls" in question are my guinea pigs and not my children...My children won't touch the stuff! LOL)

My very first post!

Well...here it is. My brand new Blog! I've been kinda driving myself crazy (I know - it's a short drive) trying to figure out what my first post should be...I mean, it is - after all my first post! Then I figured - who cares?? Chances are that anything that I do put on here will be moronic at best but maybe - just maybe - it will give somebody a laugh or two...I guess only time will tell :)

Happy reading :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

How cool is this??!!!

What an awsome step by step for a terrific storage helper!! I made a 1 tier spinny...but so far my base is made using a trivet! lol (The joys of creative thought!) Anyway - just thought this would be fun to share :) Not my idea...but it's totally a great one! Find the step by step on Rocky Mountain Hobbies!

Star Album

I found this super great tutorial for Star albums on Scrapbook Crazy! It made them super easy to put together too!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Flaming Bratz Cake

I did this one for my daughters 6th Birthday. The flames are an inside joke (I'd love to set all the Bratz dolls on fire!) lol she LOVED her cake though, and the fact that the Bratz dolls have removable feet made it extra convenient! Barbies are about 2" too tall for the Wilton Wonder Mold, so I always wind up making a separate ring cake to use as the base. If I use a Barbie, the end result is over 12" of cake skirt! This one was just enough cake for 13 kiddo's, a handfull of parents, and a little bit left to take home :)

Belly Cake

I'm super pleased with how this one turned out! I made it for a baby shower for a co-worker. They're expecting a grand son! The top is rolled fondant over a heavy layer of butter cream frosting. I colored the cake blue too! I hope they enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making it!

Paper Pinecones!! (I didn't make these but...)

My SIL started making these as Christmas ornaments, and I fell in LOVE with them!! I meant to ask her to show me how...I just never got around to it. She made them again, this year (but used a corner punch for her squares? I'm not sure how that works exactly - but I'm hoping to find out!! In any case, I found a super AWSOME step by step for them on "Craft Store Junky's" blog! She also posted an update with a diagram!! How awsome is THAT??!! Check it out!! AND if I ever figure out how to do it using a corner punch...I'll let ya know ;)

Super fun Christmas Trees!

I found these super adorabel trees the other day, and I'm reeeeely hoping to try them out soon! I found them on the Oriental Trading web site, along with their super simple step by step! Even the kids would have fun making these!!