Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cake Decorating with grade 5

I've been promising kiddo for a couple of years now, that I'd do a cake decorating workshop with her class.  Somehow, I managed to work everything out this year and we are set up for Friday! :)  I've been planning like crazy to get ready for it all...and tonight I managed to bake 100 cupcakes tonight in preparation.  We have 22 students, and they'll each decorate 4.  To help with creativity, I've decorated 8 examples.   With the frosting tips we'll be using, and the frosting patterns we'll be demostrating, they'll be able to make any one of them. :)  I'm hoping that I have over prepared enough that it will all go well and everyone will have a great time. :) 

 Here are all 8 together...

This one is a "dirt cupcake".  A Swirl of chocolate frosting, topped with crushed chocolate wafer and topped with a fondant leaf.

This one is "Mystery fruit".  I swirl of multi-colored frosting, topped with a modeled tootsie roll piece for a stem and a green frosting leaf.
 This little Alien guy was just fun - a giant glob of green frosting - white for the eye and a mini chocolate chip for the pupil.  His mouth is a tiny piece of licorice string. :)
 This little guy is supposed to be a frog...I just think he's cute. :)
 Mr. Owl is piped stars in blue, with chocolate frosting for wings and ears.  His pupils are chocolate chips. His eyes are lifesaver gummies. :)  Oh - he's holding on to a pretzel stick...just cuz I thought it was cute. :)
 This one was super simple.  Blue swirls for sky, white squiggles for clouds and a piece of sour rainbow gummy for the rainbow. :)
 Sunflower - oreo cookie in the center and a leaf tip for the yellow petals and green leaves.
This one might be one of my faves.  A simple swirl of chocolate frosting, 3 giant globs of blue, 3 green leaves and chococlate sprinkles for the eyes. :)
So kitchen is trashed and I'm beat!  but I took a few minutes to make a tea and have a seat and eat the one cupcake I made for myself to use up the frosting remnants. :) 
Isn't he fun??! :)  (He was delicious!)