Friday, December 28, 2012

What to do? What to do??

December 28th and I'm sitting at my messy dining room table - covered with the flotsom and jetsom of Christmas morn.  To my right, lays a lazy Saint Bernard - merrily drooling and snoozing on the my left...well...there's a china cabinet to my left but that's neither here nor there (it's left - hehe).  I've managed to get the decks and walkways cleared and the dishes are nearly done with kitchen mostly clean...unfortunately - that's where everythign kinda went pear shaped.  I reeely wanna accomplish something over my break.  My mind is painting pictures of me finishing my many crochet projects or completing my impressive list of to-do's for the house...but then my un-motivated beehind sez; "pass me another piece of that toblerone wouldja??"  :)

At this point in the day - I'll be happy if I make it to Walmart to pick up pics for kiddo's giant picture frame and manage to put her room back together before her sleepover tomorrow.  Until then...I'm off to find the rest of that toblerone! lol

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A very merry Christmas!!!

Another year and another Christmas under my belt. 

I know it's not new years yet - but...I'm already ready for a few resolutions...1st is that I will NOT be up till 2am wrapping next Christmas!!  Next year, I'll have my shopping done WAY before the last pay before the big day - pinky swear!  In fact - it wouldn't disappoint me to have it done by September! lol  Last night, I didn't get to bed until 1am because I was up wrapping!  I thought I was all done until I found another bag!  UGH!  then - at 3:35am, youngest kiddo woke us up with a sore belly.  It didn't take long for it to pass but she was postive that being allowed to open the presents under her tree would make her feel better.  By 5:30am, Both punks decided it was time to open presents.  Groan!  By 6am hubby and I were upstairs watching the punks open away (Me - grouchy - slugging back coffee and eating an english muffin with peanut butter in hopes of waking up just a little so that I felt way less like a grizzly - on what was supposed to be a magical morning! lol)  By 8:30, hubby and i were back in bed napping merrily...till 9am when the phone rang.  Mom was calling from next door to say breakfast was ready!  Groan!  So - up and attem - off to Mom and Dads for a corn fritter and grease breakfast!  (Double yum!!!  It's tradition!!  Ham, sausage, bacon adn corn fritters!!!)  We wrapped up breakfast and headed home again (next door) and once again it was nap time (not sure why I'm sooooooo tired today??)  Closed my eyes and next thing I knew it was 4:40pm!!!  Did I mention that Dinner was at 5:00??  UGH!  (starting to see a pattern here).  So - up and attem again and tossed the girls in the shower (cuz they were stinkin from all the dancing they'd been doing) and off to Mom and Dads for Christmas Dinner...which brings me till now. :) I'm sitting on my couch, while the girls dance away to their newest addition of Wii just dance. what a hoot! They're laughing and carrying on like sisters should (and don't even realize that they're exercising.) shhhh! Meanwhile - Ninja cat is staring at me from the newly exposed under-belly of the Christmas tree. he thinks I can't see him but he'll be sprayed any moment. :) Too late - had to hiss. :) 

So now we're off to feed my boss's kitties (which I'm pretty sure are part of the family now) lol  And then...well...I'll be amazed if I am able to stay up late...cant believe how tired I am! lol

So - wishing anyone who's reading this the merriest of merry Christmas's.  I hope you had an amazing day full of Love and surprises and family and fun!!