Monday, June 2, 2014

Twin cake for twins

Recently I had the opportunity to make a cake/s for the sweetest twin girls ever!  Birthday mom gave me creative freedom to do whatever I liked - she'd give me the theme and the rest was up to me.  Things got a little nutty, though, when the girls chose their theme.  One wanted Hello Kitty...but the other wanted "Hello Kitty Princess"!  HAHA  how do you do one without doing the other?  In the interest of finding a design, I asked Birthday Mom to ask the girls to draw what they wanted for a cake.  I thought they might work together on a single picture (which would make things very easy) but they might also each do their own thing (which could make things a little more interesting) haha.  Either way - one of my favorite things is creating a cake that a kiddo has designed themselves and knew it was going to be fun.  :) 

Well - Birthday Mom came through with flying colors and sent...two separate drawings of two separate cakes!  HAHA  Ok - let the fun begin!

Not only was it 2 separate cakes, but there wasn't a single thing about either that was the same, except for Hello Kitty wearing  tiara....I thought about doing the top tier from 1 cake and the bottom of the other but only Erin's cake had 2 identical tiers. HAHA  So...I did the only thing I could do...
I had alot of fun with these and was really happy that I managed to duplicate their pictures with frosting. :)  But that's still not the very best part!! 
Oh - don't get me wrong - they're pretty great, but I was the most pleased with the sneaky side of these cakes. :)  And the sneaky part is...IT'S ONLY ONE CAKE!!!!! :D

The birthday girls got what they drew and I got to have a TON of fun with frosting!!  Happy 5th Birthday kiddo's! :)