Monday, May 31, 2010

Life with a 12 week old Saint Bernard

Any pup I have ever had has been 8 weeks old or less.  Having a 12 week old pup is new for me.  Normally, by 12 weeks, my pups are impressively well behaved (ok - except for 1 but he was insane and I have the doctors note to prove it!) They've started to figure out the house rules, are doing better at house training and have figured out the basics of sit, lay down, no, off limits, stay (selectively of course) and have more good moments then bad.  The 12 week old pup has pretty much got the world figured out and are a tougher sell then the blinky eyed 8 week old pup who is just darn excited that the silly creature (me) is wanting to play with them! lol  Plus, a 12 week old Saint Bernard weighs about 40lbs, compared to the 15ish lbs of an 8 week old pup (note - I've always had big dogs).  When a "Saint" plants her feet and decides that she's not moving for anybody or anything...that's it!!  Just to add to the fun visual...She not only plants her feet, but when I push on her bum to get her to move - she plunks to the ground and lays down...but when I try to lift her up, she goes totally freakin limp!!!  Have you ever tried to get a totally limp 40lb puppy on its feet??  lol  I've never seen the likes of it!  And she still hasnt' figured out the stairs.  Aside from that, though, she's lovely.  She's happy and polite and patient and loves everyone.  I'm really happy that she made it to the Pospolita Ranch :)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Puppies are energetic freaks of nature!!!

Yup!  That's my girl!  Wound for sound!  Look at her go!!  Wheeeeee!!!  Did you see that blur??  She's a machine I tell ya!!  (he he - this is how she chose to spend the first half of her evening...quietly reading with friends)

And now she's asleep on the floor in kiddo's room.  And with that...I'm of to decorate a cake :) 

Chapter II - Her first day with us.

Last night was fun to say the least.  The timing to get her could not have been worse.  We are totally not ready, the house is upside down and not at all puppy-proofed!  In any case, though, she was ours and we had to deal.  The first item on the agenda was to bath our stinky girl. I filled the tub with less then 2 inches of warm-ish water, picked her up (all 40+lbs of her) and tried to place her into it...She lost her furry mind!!!  She totally flipped out, wanted nothing to do with it and had an episode equivilent to Bambi on ice!  So - I did the only thing any good Mom would do - I yanked off the yoga pants (which were coated in her pee) and hopped in the tub with her.  After that - life was good! :)  (Ignore my thighs please :)  She spent the rest of the night wandering and sniffing and being quite cute.  She tried to kill a sock - just to watch it die - but it survived just the same.  At about midnight (after several bits of cheese) she was in her kennel, snuggled in for the night...and we didn't hear a peep from her till morning!

This morning was great - no messes in her kennel!  She peed politely in the back yard and the girls put her in her crate before catching the bus.  I came home on my lunch break, expecting to see her busting to get out...she was too groggy to even care that I was there.  Even when I opened the door, she just laid there!  I drug her out (blanket and all) and we were off!  She got to go visit Daddy at work, and played with the "yard apes"...then on to Feeds n' Needs for a new collar...then to visit Kiddo's sitter before venturing into kiddo's 2nd grade classroom to meet all the kids in S's class!  She loved every minute of it and by the time we were done she was pooped!  I took her home, put her back in her crate (after a brief lesson on stairs) and that is where she has been quietly sleeping since!  Not sure what tonight will bring, but I'm sure it's bound to be full of furry cuteness!  (which will have to happen outside of the kitchen cuz Momma bear has to bake a cake!)

The Crazy Days of Daisy-May

Her Story - Chapter 1
How she came to the Pospolita Ranch;

I had to work late last night.  DH called me from home and explained that there was a litter of Saint Bernard pups on Kijiji and their price had been cut waaaaaay down because there were still a bunch left and they were already 12 weeks old.  He called the lady and made arrangements for us to go see her, so I had to head home right away.  Ugh - that's crazy!  A Saint Bernard??  Are you kidding me??!!  Oh well - like a good wife, I hopped in the car and drove home.  Picked him and youngest kiddo up and off we went to visit the nearly giant puppies. 

We pulled in the driveway and got to meet the Dad first.  He was GORGEOUS!!!  He was enormous, but more stalky and rugged - heavy looking, not huge.  Smaller then Lucy - but his head was the same size as a smart car!!  And he was so gentle it was amazing!

Then we went inside...

2 females left, and 1 was in the kitchen.  She was really cute, but feisty and kinda jumpy and really didn't pay much attention to me at all.  Then they brought in the 2nd one...and that's all it took.  I was sitting on the floor and within 2 seconds, she had shoved half of her body into my lap and dove her had into my arms...then she peed...then she wagged her tail and sprayed pee all over me...and that's how I knew she was mine. :) 

Plans change...

And boy am I glad they did! 
I would like to officially introduce you to Miss Daisy-May Pospolita.  She is the newest member of our Family and I'm so in Love with her it's not even funny!!!  Welcome to the Pospolita Ranch kiddo!  :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Duff Stuff

Red frosting is a nightmare.  I've used tons and tons of red coloring gel to get red and it sucks!  It tastes funky and the consistency is off...not awesome! >:(  When I made Moms red hat cake, I cheated and bought Duff buttercream fondant.  Soooo - when I had to do the rainbow cake...rainbows use red - double ugh!  But...I picked up the new Duff coloring gels and Holy sweet Momma!!  Check out the colors!!!  If you're in the market for red - I definately recommend the Duff Stuff! :) They sell it at Michaels.  Check it out!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

"Like a rainbow - no clouds!"

I got an order for a Rainbow Barbie cake.  Kiddo asked that she "look like a rainbow but NO CLOUDS!"  lol  Happy Birthday kiddo!  Here's your cake - as you requested! :)

Happy What-aversary??

Some cakes need an introduction...others don't.  This one (I believe) speaks for itself! he he

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lessons from a red hat cake

I learned alot from this cake. 
First - don't be so sure that the cake will let you sculpt it the way you think you want it to. 
2nd  almond extract is not a suitable replacement for butter flavoring.  3rd - duff fondant is tough as nails and not at all streatchy.  It is yummy, though, and easy enough to work with.  I would likely use it on a straight layer cake or for cut out shapes next time, rather then a hat shaped cake. 
4th - aww heck - it didn't turn out the way I wanted - not at all...but it's done and I think Mom will love it...or at least I hope she will.  DH said it's "great"...but he's drawn to all things frosting so I'm not sure that I can really trust him at his word. lol  Anyhow - here she is...

2 down - 3 to go! :)

*note*  I'm not sure she "Loved" it...but it did make an impression. :)

Red Hat Cake

Well...I'm on my way.  My cakes are all baked and ready to become something other then a cake-looking thing.  Because I'm doing a Red Hat cake, (and red is the devil) I decided to cheat and actually buy my fondant this time.  (eek - I know!!  but alas - it is so!)  Seriously though - if you have ever tried to color anything red, you are familiar with the hell that it is.  I once did a red dress Barbie cake and it took 4 entire jars of red coloring gel, and then it tasted really funny becaues of the gel - ugh!  BUT...I saw this cool new stuff at Michaels a little while ago...It's "Duff" fondant.  I'm not sure who "Duff" is, but I'm guessing he's popular or else he wouldn't have a line of stuff at Micaels. Anyway, it's also "buttercream" flavour...and it was also $29.99 for a tub!  Yikes!  I really hope it's not greasy - I'll cry if it is!!  In any case, that's my cheat!  purchased pre-colored red fondant for my Moms red hat cake. 

I'll post pics when I finish it up - should only take about an hour-ish :) 

Hi Kitty!

This morning, at 7am I started to decorate the kitty cake.  (I work better under pressure:)  I had the cake part all baked and ready, so all that was left was the fun part! 

*this just in...I have to go pick up a bike for DD...will post pics and finish this post when we get back*

Ok - where was I??  Oh yeah - so kitty cake was decorated this morning.  I used the sports ball for her head, and the Barbie skirt mold for her body.  I didn't want to build up all the detail (legs, tail etc) with cake or fondant, so I used rice krispie "treats" instead.  Everything was held together with frosting - cept for her head, which was held on with a plastic rod.
Hi Kitty!

So once I had all her "parts" figured out, I took them off, frosted her and put them back in place.
And that's when she got reeeely fun!!!  I mixed grey frosting (light & dark) and went to work, making her look more like a kitty then a...well...then whatever she looked like before she looked like a kitty! :)  When I was done, she looked like this! :)   
Aint she sweet?!

So - Happy 8th Birthday Kate!!  I hope you had a terrific Birthday (and I hope you Loved your cake too!)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cheating on Nanna

I bake quite a bit, and have typically relied on my Nanna's old cook books for (almost) never fail recipes that have that warm and cozy comfort food flavour...lately, though, I've been cheating on Nanna with The Pioneer Woman!!!  I have several cakes to whip up over the next few days ( cat cake, red hat cake, Assiversary Cake, Rainbow Barbie cake, and a Hamburger cake) and figured I'd try a new recipe.  O...M...G!!!  Who knew that something that sounded as kooky as a "7up pound cake" would be soooo to die for!!  Ree was totally right when she said it's soo good it must be destroyed!  I encourage everyone to try it!!  Fair warning, though, you won't be able to stop!

*Update**  I got the funkiest call this morning from a friend, advising me on the un-naturalness of "butter flavouring" - I just made another cake - swapped butter for margerine and "butter flavouring" for "Almond Extract"...I'll let you know how it goes...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I feel sick!

Woke up this morning and had to take DD to the clinic.  Weirdo spotted rash all over.  Turns out it's nuthin major, but on the way we stopped at Tim's.  Large coffee and breakfast BLT later, we're on our way.  After the clinic (turns out DD's head will not fall off and the rash is some alien rarely happens rash that servs no purpose and will go away on its own) I stopped again for a large French Vanilla and a ham and cheese tea biscuit...THEN a friend met me for lunch and we went to Relish.  (*note - the burger was incredible!!  Like OMG amazing!  I ate the whole thing and it was huge and I was totally full halfway through, but kept eating anyway cuz it was too good to stop!)  Then I walked back to the office afer an appointment and got a medium ice cap and a donut...and I just finished both...and I totally want to go throw up belly hurts.  :(

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Cake Frenzy

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned that I have to get back into my saddle...and I think I'm well on my way.  I'm about to step in to the Great Cake Frenzy of 2010!!  lol 

I have to deliver a "cat cake" this Sunday to a little girl who is having her party at the SPCA (how cool is THAT?!) Birthday girls Mom sent me this pic from sugarlicious as an idea of what she'd like to have. 

Mom's Birthday is on Monday, so I have to whip up a miracle and create a Red Hatter cake (aside from the red fondant, I'm actually looking forward to this one! :)  I found these really cute capcakes on the sugarcraft site.  I really like the shape of the hat topper on the far left, so I think that is the one I'll use as my inspiration.

THEN on the 21st is a "Rainbow Barbie" cake...and a few days later is a Hamburger cake!!  PLUS I have to whip up some "Thank you baking" for the office.  I think it's safe to say that I'll be busy enough that not much else could get in the way. :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Amazing Crochet!!!!

I do believe that this is the prettiest afghan I have ever seen! 
I found it by accident on the Rose Hip blog.  She has the pattern for the flowers, as well as for the squares.  As soon as I finish the other zillion projects I have on the go - I'm all over this!!!  :) 

Thursday, May 6, 2010

If I only hadda saddle...

If I only had a saddle, I could get back in it cuz it's time.  Life has been ridiculous lately and I stopped noticing the every day stuff that I normally find hilarious...but...I forced myself to pay closer attention today and did pick up on a few small things like....

If you are over the age of 6, wearing your power ranger pyjamma pants into Tim Hortons is likely not the greatest idea.

Don't wear a short skirt if you ride a bike to unexpected breeze can really change the perspective of on lookers...and the poor sob in the jetta driving by (who nearly choked on his straw and spilled his ice-cap onto his steering wheel will agree)

When you register your boss for a matter how funny it may seem at the time...requesting the Vegan diet is likely not as funny to him.

And that is as funny as life got today...I'm pretty sure that's better then yesterday though! :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

No more then I can handle...

I know that God won't give me more then I can handle, but too often it feels like I should be made of iron.  We have had so much going on at home for too long.  DH has been so sick for 3 years with no real answers in sight that when Lucy got sick, it left me way too close to the end of my rope.  No matter how sucky everything got, Lucy was always the 1 consistent and predictable thing in my life.  I knew that no matter what, she'd be there.  I knew that I'd always have to take a HUGE step over her to get through the kitchen and that when I flicked my pizza crust in the air (without even looking) it would never hit the ground.  I knew that she would always smile at me when I got home from work,and when life in general sucked, I'd have a ton of furry face dropped in my lap.  She gave the best hugs and listened always and whenver I was having a bad day, she just knew...and was far too content with receiving nothing in return.  I Loved her more then I even realized...and then she was gone and I was left with nothing consistent or predictable to hold on to.  So there I stood at the end of my rope, surrounded by emptiness and the only memory I had of her was her last 3 minutes.  I'd try to remember the good, but instead it was only the awful that came flooding through.  She dropped only seconds before I walked through the door.  Her heart was beating, but her pupils were fully dialated and her head was lifting and dropping slowy with her eyes and mouth wide open...and her blood pressure was so low that even though I begged them to let her go, they couldn't get the needle in and I had to watch my beautiful girl die.  Did she know I was there??  Did she wait for me and by consequence suffer till the end?  Or was she already gone and I let her die alone with strangers?  That's not how I want to remember my beautiful girl and owed her so much more then that. 

The next thing I have to face is the reality that as great as my vet is...eventually I have to pay them for their greatness.  There's also the fact that Lucy is enormous.  Tipping the scale at over 150lbs, how do I lay her to rest?  I can't throw her in the ground with dirt on her.  Without a box I can't do it.  Plus, she's so big and our property is so messed up with drain lines and such that I can't risk digging a hole that size.  Group cremation breaks my heart.  I know I've had to do it before, but things were different then and the dog I revered as the best dog ever at the time, has since lost a distant second place to my dear Lucinda May.  To throw her in with a group of strangers and discard her ashes was killing me - I'm sad to admit that I was touching the end of my rope at the thought of not being able to bring Lucy home....but you pay by the pound and when left the the choice of paying for DH's meds vs. a dogs cremation...that decision sucks.

God doesn't give you more then you can handle...I know that and that's why I need to have faith.  Yesterday was a very long day at work.  I have to make a decision about Lucy.  The picture of her that I took off of my wall on Thursday and threw in my desk went missing and my afternoon sucked.  A friend from work offered to drive me to my car but instead, took my into an office with a couple other friends I learned that a collection had been taken up to help with Lucy's bill.  I was told that whatever is left is "minimal" and that the vet doesnt' care if I pay the rest $5. a month.  My co-workers took the time to speak to the vet-tech who was there when Lucy died and asked her about how everything happenned.  She confirmed that Lucy had received tons of Love and attention all day long and that she had dropped only seconds before I walked in.  That she was alive when I got there and knew I was there too and she didn't suffer at all...Oh Gawd - how...what...ugh.  And that's when I broke down.  How do you say thank you for something like that??  I feel silly that such a big deal has been made over "a dog".  I must seem like a wing-nut to those who don't know the history, but this meant so much more than I'm sure many of them will ever know.  I also found the missing picture of Lucy.  They took it out of my desk and put it in a frame that says "Dogs are what unconditional Love is all about".  I cried most of the night last night...

God didn't give me more then I can handle.  I don't know how I will ever be able to thank them for their kindness and thoughtfullness.  I do know that I am blessed to be surrounded by so many people who care about me.  My heart is still broken and I'm not out of tears...but I am Loved.  And I realized that Lucy was not the only consistent and predictable thing in my life.  I have friends who care about me too.

Thank you to everyone who had a part and tying a knot in the end of my rope and for making it possible for me to bring my Lucy girl home.