Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lessons from a red hat cake

I learned alot from this cake. 
First - don't be so sure that the cake will let you sculpt it the way you think you want it to. 
2nd  almond extract is not a suitable replacement for butter flavoring.  3rd - duff fondant is tough as nails and not at all streatchy.  It is yummy, though, and easy enough to work with.  I would likely use it on a straight layer cake or for cut out shapes next time, rather then a hat shaped cake. 
4th - aww heck - it didn't turn out the way I wanted - not at all...but it's done and I think Mom will love it...or at least I hope she will.  DH said it's "great"...but he's drawn to all things frosting so I'm not sure that I can really trust him at his word. lol  Anyhow - here she is...

2 down - 3 to go! :)

*note*  I'm not sure she "Loved" it...but it did make an impression. :)


Kirsten said...

I love it!

StaZ said...


Auntie Em said...

Awesome!!!! (And most red hatters are a little on the 'mature' side so their eyesight probably isn't all that great anyway!)
Your cakes are works of art! :o)

prittykitty said...

It looks great!!!