Thursday, May 6, 2010

If I only hadda saddle...

If I only had a saddle, I could get back in it cuz it's time.  Life has been ridiculous lately and I stopped noticing the every day stuff that I normally find hilarious...but...I forced myself to pay closer attention today and did pick up on a few small things like....

If you are over the age of 6, wearing your power ranger pyjamma pants into Tim Hortons is likely not the greatest idea.

Don't wear a short skirt if you ride a bike to unexpected breeze can really change the perspective of on lookers...and the poor sob in the jetta driving by (who nearly choked on his straw and spilled his ice-cap onto his steering wheel will agree)

When you register your boss for a matter how funny it may seem at the time...requesting the Vegan diet is likely not as funny to him.

And that is as funny as life got today...I'm pretty sure that's better then yesterday though! :)

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