Thursday, May 13, 2010

I feel sick!

Woke up this morning and had to take DD to the clinic.  Weirdo spotted rash all over.  Turns out it's nuthin major, but on the way we stopped at Tim's.  Large coffee and breakfast BLT later, we're on our way.  After the clinic (turns out DD's head will not fall off and the rash is some alien rarely happens rash that servs no purpose and will go away on its own) I stopped again for a large French Vanilla and a ham and cheese tea biscuit...THEN a friend met me for lunch and we went to Relish.  (*note - the burger was incredible!!  Like OMG amazing!  I ate the whole thing and it was huge and I was totally full halfway through, but kept eating anyway cuz it was too good to stop!)  Then I walked back to the office afer an appointment and got a medium ice cap and a donut...and I just finished both...and I totally want to go throw up belly hurts.  :(


Cathy W said...

Pregnant much?

cuddles said...

I've soooo been craving a Relish burger lately. Now hearing someone else talk about one has given me the shakes! *drool*

Queen Mel said...

Wow the calories and the caffeine rush! I pitty your co-workers...LOL