Friday, November 25, 2011


Normally, that would be an overshare - however - in this case, it's a blessing.  The last week has been exhausting and awful and scary and nothing much shy of pure torture.  Here's how the last 8 days went...

Thursday:  The school called - youngest kiddo was feeling sick and needed to come home.  Thursday night, she was on the up swing

Friday:  Friday morning it started all over again.  She felt barfy and didn't want to go to school.  She was supposed to be going to a breakfast with the Premier, though, so she went anyway...and lasted a half hour.  By 9:30, I was driving her home.  The rest of friday was in waves of feeling barfy and having a sore belly.  Friday night continued in the same fashion until we finally got her settled. By this point, it was almost 1am...and I had to be up for work by 5:30am!  Groan! 

Saturday: I had to work all day while kiddo was home with Daddy suffering through waves of agony and barfyness again.  We made a drive by passed the ER and opted to take her to the after hours clinic on Sunday instead (too many drunks and questionables in the ER). 

Sunday:  We waited for 3 hours, but saw a doctor by 3pm.  He todl us it was a tummy flu and to call our Dr. in 2 days if she wasn't better.  Take her home and give her rice etc. and keep up with the gravol and pepto - ok - done...But the misery continued until well passed midnight and by 1am we were on our way to the ER.  They did blood work and x-rays which showed she was "full"  like...very very very full (nearly blocked full).  We were sent home at 7am and told to give her an Enema (umm - excuse me??!!!) and laxatievs etc. it will fix it.  Yeah - ok - sure! 

Monday:  By 11:00 she was screaming in the ER again and after a couple doses of Morphene she was finally settled (and was admitted to the pediatric ward)  Monday night was awful, but she slept through the night at least.

Tuesday morning she woke up in a good mood and was happy...until 15 minutes after she ate breakfast and then it started all over again so Doc put her on an IV and off of food...Tuesday sucked!  I've never heard my baby scream so loud. :(  Tuesday night she needed 3 doses of Morphene to settle her...I've never felt so helpless. :(

Wednesday:  By Wednesday afternoon - she was a goofball...but still not "going"...

Thursday - all day - a crazy foolish geek girl...but still not "going"...we brought her home on Thursday night...still not "going. 

Today:  This morning we took her with us to DH's Dr.s appointment in Hartland...She still wasn't "going"...we stopped for truck stop poutine (cuz if that doesn't make ya go - aint nuthin gonna!)  Still not "going"...we head for home and when we were 70 km's from F'ton...A FREAKIN DEER DARTS OUT IN FRONT OF THE CAR AND BOUNCED OFF THE HOOD!!!!!  Yup!  the hood was all dented up, but Bambi's Mom darted off into the woods.  Thank God nobody was hurt!  But still...not "going".  So - today was a crazy blur of appointments and car estimates and calling insurance people and by dinner time she still wasn't "going"...a few minutes ago, though, I told her she had to take her medecine (which she royally HATES) and she said she thought she had to go...then the pain started again and I was reeeely worried that we were back in teh same mess all over again, until...THE FLOOD GATES OPENED AND MY BABY POOPED!!!  Yes sir!!  She sure did!!!  And she sure was happy about it!  We both did a little dance. :)

And now...she's in the tub cuz she stinks! :)  I think I'll start calling her "Poopsie" :P

Monday, November 7, 2011

My baby is 9!!

I'm a little late posting this one - 7 days late to be exact! (But the zombie pic was just too cute to change :) And so - here it is…my little zombie turned 9 years old on November 1st! I can't believe I'm the Mom of a 9 year old AND a 13 year old!! I was ok with being the Mom of a 9 year old, when my other punk was only 4 or 5…but when my BABY is 9??!! That make me very very sad. :( I helped my baby clean out her room yesterday. It was a pit of filth! I'm really hoping that my kid isn't really the messiest kid on the planet cuz she sure appeared to be yesterday! I was pretty quick to toss an entire garbage bag of stuffies for delivery to the SPCA - that was the easy part. The next item to tackle, though, was the little girl toys that she doesn't play with anymore. I was surprised at how hard it was for me to let go of it! By the time we were done, though, her room was a lot more grown up and a lot more organized then before we started. Now everything has a place and she's excited about keeping it clean…although I'm sure the novelty will wear off quickly. :)

As is tradition in our home - I always wake the girls up with a birthday picture, that way - they can see exactly what they look like the minute they are a year older. :) I've pulled it off every year for each of them. :) And as is also tradition (even though there are other pics with a sleepy=fish smile that show how adorable my little muchkin was on on her 9th birthday…I have to say - this one makes me laugh just a little bit more then the others. :) Dontcha just love the sleepy face?!  lol  OH - and the super ugly comforter was stolen from the linen's but-arse ugly - but for $10 - who could complain?! :) 

Happy belated to my 9 year old punk...from the Mom that's sad that she's growing up so fast (and consoling herself with funny pics in the mean time. :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


My little zombie turns 9 today!  :)