Monday, November 7, 2011

My baby is 9!!

I'm a little late posting this one - 7 days late to be exact! (But the zombie pic was just too cute to change :) And so - here it is…my little zombie turned 9 years old on November 1st! I can't believe I'm the Mom of a 9 year old AND a 13 year old!! I was ok with being the Mom of a 9 year old, when my other punk was only 4 or 5…but when my BABY is 9??!! That make me very very sad. :( I helped my baby clean out her room yesterday. It was a pit of filth! I'm really hoping that my kid isn't really the messiest kid on the planet cuz she sure appeared to be yesterday! I was pretty quick to toss an entire garbage bag of stuffies for delivery to the SPCA - that was the easy part. The next item to tackle, though, was the little girl toys that she doesn't play with anymore. I was surprised at how hard it was for me to let go of it! By the time we were done, though, her room was a lot more grown up and a lot more organized then before we started. Now everything has a place and she's excited about keeping it clean…although I'm sure the novelty will wear off quickly. :)

As is tradition in our home - I always wake the girls up with a birthday picture, that way - they can see exactly what they look like the minute they are a year older. :) I've pulled it off every year for each of them. :) And as is also tradition (even though there are other pics with a sleepy=fish smile that show how adorable my little muchkin was on on her 9th birthday…I have to say - this one makes me laugh just a little bit more then the others. :) Dontcha just love the sleepy face?!  lol  OH - and the super ugly comforter was stolen from the linen's but-arse ugly - but for $10 - who could complain?! :) 

Happy belated to my 9 year old punk...from the Mom that's sad that she's growing up so fast (and consoling herself with funny pics in the mean time. :)

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