Sunday, October 30, 2011

Birthday and Spooky cakes all around!

I'm in another cake marathon!  My Cake-ee to do list is as follows...

1. A 3 tier white cake for a friends birthday - done and delivered!  Check!
2.  An extra chocolate (smallish) Jack-o-lantern cake - done and delievered!  Check!
3.  A Hamburger cake for kiddos' class for her 9th birthday...tuesday...ugh - did I say 9??  Really??  My baby is going to be 9??!!  Ok - back on track.  this cake will be done between today and tomorrow - but...
4.  A ?? cake for kiddo's birthday with family on tuesday night - Oy!
5.  A birthday cake for kiddo's party!  (In hind sight - I shoudl have sream lined this a little.
6.  My boss's birthday is on the 10th.  I made him a Canadian's cake last year so I feel compelled to do it again. :)  He's actually a pretty great boss and besides - he shares. :) 

So - this is the 3 tier birthday cake.  It's a white almond sour cream cake with vanilla butter cream frosting.  I used pearl accents around each tier and wrapped it with irredescent sheer ribbon at the base of each tier.  The Gerber daisies were an added fall touch to bring color to the cake.  I'm very pleased with how it turned out and the birthday girl was happy with it too - YAY!  Mission accomplished. :)

This little gem is a small chocolate jack-o-lantern cake (obviously :)  with chocolate fudge frosting between the layers and iced with a vanilla buttercream.  I wanted to do a little something extra for the details.  It didn't seem right to use frosting for the face, leaves and stem - soooo...I decided to try my hand at modeling chocoalte! :)  It's a nice change for sure and really fun to work with.  I'm not a pro at it by any means...but it was fun to try something new. 

 I especially like the swirly vine parts!  I would never be able to do that with fondant!  And - most kids don't like fondant anyway - but chocolate!!  Hollah!  Everyone loves chocolate!!  :)  I almost didn't wanna give him up, but kiddo smiled pretty big when she saw it so that (as they say) was that!

So - that's my cake marathon...Clearly I lied when I said I was giving up cakes. :S

Monday, October 24, 2011

I good laugh...

I think I may have been over tired to have laughed as hard as I did, but I happenned upon a few pics tonight on that thing called the internet.  They all made me laugh - to varying degrees...but it all started with this one...
I couldn't help it!  It cracked me up! 

Then I saw these...and continued to laugh and giggle...

(Shhh!  Her husband is reeeely bad at math!)

and then I saw this one and that's all it took!
 By this time, I was laughing like a moron and coudn't even breath!  Tears were rolling down my face and I was trying to be quiet so I wouldn't wake the entire house up!  The rest of these kept me in stitches...but I'll admit - they may not have been as funny as there were to me at the time. :)

Hope you had a good laugh...they're good for the soul! :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Joke of the day...

I think I need to let hubby out of the house more.  This is the joke he e-mailed me last night.  (Don't tell him I secretly thought it was funny :)

A man walks in to a psychiatrists office wearing nothing but underwear made from saran wrap.  The Psychiatrist takes one look at him and says..."Well - I can clearly see your nuts!"

Badom-bom!  Groan if you must. :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Wedding cake for Christie :)

I started this cake on Wednesday night, for a Saturday delivery.  It went together super well and the Bride was very pleased with it :)  I'm hoping it was as yummy as it was heavy! lol

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Jonah's Smurf cake!!

Last year, I made a Mario cake for Jonah's Birthday.  This year, Jonah asked for a smurf cake and I'm freaking out crazy in LOVE with it!!!  I'm so pleased with how it turned out :)  What a ton of fun to put together too! :)  The inside cake is rainbow (minus pink and purple for obvious reasons. )  The dirt is chocolate frosting with crushed chocolate chips and the sand is graham crumbs. :)