Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I can see your Thong!!

Do you know what color underwear I have on? Nope! You dont! Wanna know why?! Cuz you don't need to know!! Just like I don't need to know what you're wearing under your clothes!

I'm still trying to figure out my new workplace. I'm going on week 4, and not a single person has stopped to introduce themselves!! Not one! I have said Hi to every person I pass and nobody has replied with "hi - I'm ___". Weird! That being said, I find it completely strange that in a building that keeps soo much to themselves...why in the name of all things Holy would you think I need to see your freaking thong hanging on the bathroom wall?!!! Seriously?! You think that's ok?! Furthermore, I'm sure that your pretty black padded braw is very comfy - but I don't need to know!! *sigh* I'm guessing that the person who left ALLLLLL their clothes hanging in the bathroom must walk, or go to the gym or was having an out of body experience and didn't get to take their duds with them but com on??!! A thong on the wall and your bra on the stall?!

I kinda miss the epicure catalogue after this one! :(

Monday, January 25, 2010

Dropping like flies!!

So - with one day of notice, the Quachi cake was cancelled! lol No big deal really - I can always freeze it and decorate it for someone else later...or thaw it and eat it myself! You can never have too much cake yaknow! ;) On the up side - I did pick up another request for a Hamburger cake which is waaaay fun to make! :) YAY for chocolate frosting!! :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Meet the Teddy Bear Cake

Without further adieu - now that she has been delivered - I would like to introduce you to the VERY yummy Teddy cake!! :) Aint she sweet?!
Here eyes are ju-jub's (did you know that if you eat them in excess they have a laxitive effect??) lol who knew?! the things you learn at the bulk barn!! LOL Her nose is a Swedish berry! :) Her fur is allll Chocolate Buttercream! And (having tasted some of the leftover bits) - she's VERY tastey!

Here's her full body view! You can't really see it in the pic, but she has a frosting heart on her tummy! I saw the Birthday girl smile - so I'm pretty sure she's a hit! :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Teddy Bear Cake

Houston - we have a problem!!!

The Teddy Bear Cake is...TOO FREAKIN CUTE TO EAT!!!!! lol It looks a a little different then the inspiration pic - brown fur being the key difference, but she is too adorable!! :) I'll post pics after she's delivered cuz I don't think it's fair that the person buying it isn't the first to see it! lol So...till tomorrow!! ;)

I'm off the hook!!

WOO-HOO! Kinda disappointed that I wont' get to do it - but I"m off the hook for the funky doll cake! :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cake Crazy!!!

I've already covered that this is Crazy Cake week II...but...I think that I need to have my head examined!! :S Here's why...

A - Spaceship cake - done, and Auntie is happy! (Or so she sez! lol ) In fact, Mom just picked it up less then 20 minutes ago to take it with her in the morning. 1 down - 3 to go!! Hmmmm...did you catch that last bit?? 1 down...THREEEEEE TO GO!!!


Ok - so - Spaceship cake is out of the way...Teddy bear cake is baking as we speak. (mental note - I'm a total psycho-paranoid-freak when it comes to allergies!! - Who knew??!) Well...pieces of him are baking! LOL I made a sports ball cake (2 half globes - a.k.a. "batter boobs") two 6" rounds for the body and a 9" square to cut up for legs etc. Should work out nicely!! Olympic cake I found out is not due until Tuesday!! WOOT! So now I have the weekend!!!

Here's the part where crazy comes in!!! Ever heard of a "Matryoshka"?? I have! For anyone who doesn't know what it's those cool russian stacking dolls, that look like this...
Neat eh?? Well - I got a request for one today. They want a Matryoshka cake for the top-est of top dawks at the office, for winning some award. Cool! I immediately start assembling the cake in my head! 1 batter boob, plus a 6" for the head, stack two 8" - carve, taper and stabilize with a plastic dowel - cool! I'm really excited!! Then I find out...they need it Friday!! And I'm not positive but I think I said yes??!! UGH! What was I thinking??! There's no way I can bake it tonight, cuz I've got a bear in the oven - so it will have to be completed, beginning to end tomorrow night! *gulp*

I'm really hoping that the fun teddy bear cake will go together as quickly and as easily as I imagine or tomorrow is going to be a very long night!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Earthling!!

One down - two to go!! Not bad for 1 nights work! lol DH figures that cousin will go nuts over it - so I'm happy! I think my fave part are the little plastic men! ;)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Crazy Cake Week - II

Not sure how it happens, but all my cakes seem to come in 3's! Tomorrow I have to pull a miracle out of my hat for my cousins 5th(ish) birthday cake! Mom leaves for Halifax on Wednesday morning and will need to take the cake with her *sigh* Oh well - he wants a space ship and a space ship he will have! :)

I'm Wih-kedly excited about the teddy bear cake though!!! IT'S GONNA BE SO FREAKIN CUTE I CAN'T EVEN STAND IT!!!!! :) To be delivered on Friday :) Inspired by this adorable grey bear made by the cake lady - how adorable is SHE?!
Cept...Mine will have brown fur and will be chocolate cake! :) I'm reeeely looking forward to this one! :)

And...cuz all good things come in 3's...I have to do an Olympic cake due on Monday!! I get to try my fre-handing skills at a "Quatchi" cake! lol I'll let you know how it goes!! ;)
So - looks like I'll be elbow deep in frosting over the next little bit! lol I'll post more once I come down from my frosting sugar high! lol

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A friend I've never met!

Sometimes you meet some truly great people...without ever meeting them face to face!

A couple months ago, on Sn'C I fell in LOVE with the most adorable little crochet dolls made by none other then the most rockingest of Jen's! Kiddo's birthday was coming up and Christmas wasn't that far off and I was hoping I could pay her to make one for me. Bless her amazing heart, she made one for kiddo just cuz!! (*insert girl-in-love smiley here!*)

A few days ago - cuz hubby lost the mail box key - I was finally able to check my mail. I was sooper excited to find a 5" box in there, held shut by Disney Princess tape! YAY!! SHE'S HERE SHE'S HERE!!! I know she was for kiddo, but I couldn't help myself!! I had to peek!!

Not only did she manage to whip up the most adorable little friend for kidd - she added an extra surprise that I'm far too tempted to keep for myself!

I opened the box to find THIS!!! How freakin sweet is THAT?!
I never would have thought of a Mushroom purse to carry her in!!! I was still way too excited, so I untied the top...
Almost there.....

YAY! IT'S HER!! IT'S HER!!! - Isn't she the cutes thing you've ever seen??!!! First thing kiddo did was lift her skirt!! lol (She's wearing paties btw)

Now the only problem is that kiddo wants to fly to Florida to give Jen a BIIIIIG hug!!! :)

Thanks a trazillion Jen!! You rock! And so does she!!! :)

Grams cake

I had a vision of a tall round basket iced cake with multiple mini cup cakes iced too look like flowers, suspended by squers (how the heck do you spell that) at varying heights to look like a real boquet.

Step 1. Learn how to basket weave frosting! This one wasn't so bad, and I'm reeely proud of how well it turned out! I found a link that showed a picture of how to do it. thankfully - I'm visual so it wasn't half bad. I started out with my vertical lines a little too close together, but by the time I finished, I had the hang of it and I LOVE the results!

Step 2. Ice cup cakes to look like flowers. Ok - here's where everything went to sh&%! I used a mix for Gram's cake, but normally, I use a heavier batter. Everything was going fine, until the weight of the cupcakes with frosting drug them down the sticks so that they were poking through! ugh! *ping* Brainwave!! I cut mini marshmellow's in half and used them as stoppers!! I'M A GENIUS!!! Cept...that's when I found out the cake had to travel to Royalton! *sigh* There's no way that mini marshmellows will stand the vibration of a 2hour car ride...baaaack to square one!

Step 3. Start over!! The end result was to take the top off of a big cupcake and use it as a base for the 3 sunflowers. I used my sticks to hold it all in place, and stuck the mini cupcakes in and around and touched up the smears that resulted from the mess I made earlier.

Anyway - I know that Gram has never had a cake like it, and she'll be thrilled. Normally I like learning lessons...cuz I solve the problems and know better for next time. This time, though, I didn't actually solve anything which was a bummer! I will try again, though and I'm still very happy that I finally managed to pull off the basket weave thing!

So - Here she is in all her finished splendor. The colors are a little washed out in the pic, but you get the idea! If I would have had more time, there would have been more colors on the it is - rose is Grams fave color so it's all good! Maybe I'll try to master roses next time??

and now...I'm off to clean up the kitchen... *sigh* Or maybe I'll just bake another cake?? lol

Saturday, January 9, 2010


In theory, I'm technically not off track. I have my 2nd 8" round in the oven - the 1st is cooling. I cheated (which I should never ever try cuz if I read back over every freakin attempt to cheat I totally suck at it!!) and didn't quite fill the 2nd pan so that I'd have enough batter left to fill my mini cup-cake pan that I want to use for the flowers...yeah - great idea...cept - I freakin burnt the living crap out of them!! thinking back - I paid way too damn much for the pan and have yet to get a single batch of un-burnt anything out of them! GRRRR!

*sigh* guess I need to whip up another batch of batter to make the darn mini close - and yet so far! LOL

Oh well - I guess this means more baking for people at work on Monday! lol

Flower basket cake!

today I will get to bake a flower basket cake for my Gram's 80th Birthday. she's a bit of a space alien - but I love her! lol My vision is to create a low flower pot shaped base, with basket weave frosting all over (this will be my first attempt - wish me luck!) I'll top it with oreo crumbs for dirt, and punch the top with wooden sticks for flower stems and make mini cup-cakes for the flowers...Not sure if that's how my vision will come through...but we'll see?? LOL

DH vs. Lucy

DH and I had an iterresting discussion last night on the way home from the grocery store! lol We picked up a few things (9 items to be exact) and went through the express lane. $53. later we were on our way to the car. I mentioned the cost to him and he pointed out that $20 of that was for Lucy's food. Then he laughed and said - that's it - she's gotta go! I quickly jumped to my girls defense! Dood! do you really wanna compete with the dog to see who stays or goes?? He laughed and said that she costs too much to feed! That's when the comparison started.

1 - You both look at me funny when I talk to you.
2 - I have to shave and groom you both!
3 - I have to pick up both of your SH&%!
4 - You both snore and take up way too much of the couch.
5 - You'll both eat anything - even what's bad for you...even when you know it makes you throw up!!
6 - I have to clean up after both of you! ;)
7 - Neither one of you can cook!
8 - You both get way too excited when I leave and come home!
9 - You both pee wherever you chose.
10 - Neither one of you know where your car keys are.

Then I pointed out why he better not wager his residential status against the dogs...

1. - Lucy doesn't torment.
2. - She doesn't pass gass and blame you!
3. - She doesn't sulk and pout when I tell her to go to bed.
4. - She'll eat whatever I give her without criticizing how it was made...since she knows she can't cook! lol
5. - She listens when I talk and doesn't argue ;)
6. - She never complains.
7. - She doesn't call my cell phone a zillion times a night wondering when I'll be home. (when I only left a half hour ago for the grocery store.
8. - I never have to scold her.
9. - she doesn't hog the blankets.
10. - she'll go anywhere I want to go and is just happy that I asked her to come along!
11. - She doesn't create a ton of laundry.
12. - She lets the kids dress her up in princess clothes and even lets us take her picture!
13. - She shares her movie popcorn.
14. - She never wrecks my stuff! (she only chews his if he gets mad at her!! LOL)
15. - She's cheaper to feed.

I offered to continue, but he didn't feel that was necessary! LOL He was pretty quiet the rest of the ride home though! ;) In any case - I think I'll let them both stay, cuz Lucy can't defend me from the kids! lol

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

6 days incident free

Today marks day 6 of j-walker smokin free days! lol (The fact that hubby takes the car now is a mere coincidence ;)

I think I'm settling in downtown - although I'm still new enough that everyone looks at me funny! ;) My boss is great and I should have my office space unpacked/ organized any day now (I hope).

I finally got to talk to the insurance adjustor today - and realized when I was talking to him that the address the j-walker gave the police was the Fredericton Comunity Shelter. *sigh* So - I get to pay the deductable up front and until they can recover the $$ from him...I'm out the full amount. Needless to say, I'm not going to hold my breath cuz blue is a bad color on me!

On a bathroom note - the epicure catalogue has been replaced with Avon?! Really?! Who the hell has time to linger in there during a work day?!

Oh well - I guess I should just be happy that I can still find the place! lol

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Day 2 at the new job. I know my way into and out of the building from 2 exits and can get to a specific corner on the 3rd floor. I can also get to the bathroom - but that's it. Other then that...I'm lost!

Today- I went to the washroom, and on the back of the toilet was an epicure catalogue...ummmm...seriously?? Any other place, I'd gladly pick it up but...on the can?? I chose another stall and remain ignorant of the contents of this seasons epicure selections. *sigh*

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Charachter quirks and cute cupcakes

I'm a stress baker and an anger cleaner! You would think, then, that my home would be spotless and always smell like the keebler elves tree!! lol Not the case, though - sadly.

I start my new job in the morning, and I needed to bake something - anything!! So - I whipped out a mix (which I haven't done in a while cuz it feels like cheating!) and created these yummy little numbers! :)
I found the idea on the Geek-Princess blog and they just made me smile. I think the ones on her blog, though, were fondant. I couldn't bring myself to use fondant cuz chewy bits on a cupcake just seems weird - so I loaded on the buttercream, and froze it so that I could smooth it out with a heated spatula - worked pretty good I think! Next time I plan to take the frosting clear to the can never have too much frosting - right?! ;) My favorite is the squinty guy! :)
For the record - they are as yummy as they are cute!! :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

2 days in...

I have 2 days in and haven't hit a single person!! YAY 2010!! Honestly - that shook the daylights out of me, that's for sure!! Now - I'm noticing pedestrians everywhere!! I hate that!! I'm hoping that I can chill out soon cuz I'm way too jumpy behind the wheel right now!

The rental that they gave me is a Ford Focus. Reasonably roomy in the front seat and quite a cozy car. Too bad it sucks in snow!! >:( I realized, this morning, that the reason is that the darn tires are bald!! ugh - baaaack to Enterprise I go, and now I have a brand new 2010 toyota corolla with only 400 km's on it! If it had the same tires on it as the Honda, It would probably be a dream in this weather. In any case - it's better!

I spent this morning running around to wrap up some errands before the storm hit, and was home by noon. It's now 8:17pm and I haven't stopped since...but have no clue what I've accomplished either. lol The tree us un-decorated, and the closet is tidy - all my plants have been re-potted and I've started deep-cleaning the kitchen...but it's hard to tell that I've touched anything!

I only have 1 more day to sleep in before it's back to work with the new job...I'm really nerveous so I guess that means I'm gonna be fine! ;)

I haven't scrapped or baked in ages and I'm worried that I've forgotten how! :( Maybe I should make a tray of pretty cup-cakes for my first day on the job?? that's never a career-limiting move - right?? lol If I pull it off - I'll post pics! :)

Happy 2nd day of 2010!!