Friday, January 22, 2010

Meet the Teddy Bear Cake

Without further adieu - now that she has been delivered - I would like to introduce you to the VERY yummy Teddy cake!! :) Aint she sweet?!
Here eyes are ju-jub's (did you know that if you eat them in excess they have a laxitive effect??) lol who knew?! the things you learn at the bulk barn!! LOL Her nose is a Swedish berry! :) Her fur is allll Chocolate Buttercream! And (having tasted some of the leftover bits) - she's VERY tastey!

Here's her full body view! You can't really see it in the pic, but she has a frosting heart on her tummy! I saw the Birthday girl smile - so I'm pretty sure she's a hit! :)


StaZ said...

how adorable!!!

Jenn said...

He looks too cute to eat!!!