Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cake Crazy!!!

I've already covered that this is Crazy Cake week II...but...I think that I need to have my head examined!! :S Here's why...

A - Spaceship cake - done, and Auntie is happy! (Or so she sez! lol ) In fact, Mom just picked it up less then 20 minutes ago to take it with her in the morning. 1 down - 3 to go!! Hmmmm...did you catch that last bit?? 1 down...THREEEEEE TO GO!!!


Ok - so - Spaceship cake is out of the way...Teddy bear cake is baking as we speak. (mental note - I'm a total psycho-paranoid-freak when it comes to allergies!! - Who knew??!) Well...pieces of him are baking! LOL I made a sports ball cake (2 half globes - a.k.a. "batter boobs") two 6" rounds for the body and a 9" square to cut up for legs etc. Should work out nicely!! Olympic cake I found out is not due until Tuesday!! WOOT! So now I have the weekend!!!

Here's the part where crazy comes in!!! Ever heard of a "Matryoshka"?? I have! For anyone who doesn't know what it's those cool russian stacking dolls, that look like this...
Neat eh?? Well - I got a request for one today. They want a Matryoshka cake for the top-est of top dawks at the office, for winning some award. Cool! I immediately start assembling the cake in my head! 1 batter boob, plus a 6" for the head, stack two 8" - carve, taper and stabilize with a plastic dowel - cool! I'm really excited!! Then I find out...they need it Friday!! And I'm not positive but I think I said yes??!! UGH! What was I thinking??! There's no way I can bake it tonight, cuz I've got a bear in the oven - so it will have to be completed, beginning to end tomorrow night! *gulp*

I'm really hoping that the fun teddy bear cake will go together as quickly and as easily as I imagine or tomorrow is going to be a very long night!

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