Sunday, January 3, 2010

Charachter quirks and cute cupcakes

I'm a stress baker and an anger cleaner! You would think, then, that my home would be spotless and always smell like the keebler elves tree!! lol Not the case, though - sadly.

I start my new job in the morning, and I needed to bake something - anything!! So - I whipped out a mix (which I haven't done in a while cuz it feels like cheating!) and created these yummy little numbers! :)
I found the idea on the Geek-Princess blog and they just made me smile. I think the ones on her blog, though, were fondant. I couldn't bring myself to use fondant cuz chewy bits on a cupcake just seems weird - so I loaded on the buttercream, and froze it so that I could smooth it out with a heated spatula - worked pretty good I think! Next time I plan to take the frosting clear to the can never have too much frosting - right?! ;) My favorite is the squinty guy! :)
For the record - they are as yummy as they are cute!! :)


Kirsten said...

So you iced them, froze them and put a warm spatula? regardless they look cute

Hollee said...

Yup - I iced them with white buttercream, froze them, then used a hot metal spreader to flatten them out. :) Appearantly there's a technique that uses wax paper that works too...but I'll be darned if I can figure that one out! lol