Saturday, January 2, 2010

2 days in...

I have 2 days in and haven't hit a single person!! YAY 2010!! Honestly - that shook the daylights out of me, that's for sure!! Now - I'm noticing pedestrians everywhere!! I hate that!! I'm hoping that I can chill out soon cuz I'm way too jumpy behind the wheel right now!

The rental that they gave me is a Ford Focus. Reasonably roomy in the front seat and quite a cozy car. Too bad it sucks in snow!! >:( I realized, this morning, that the reason is that the darn tires are bald!! ugh - baaaack to Enterprise I go, and now I have a brand new 2010 toyota corolla with only 400 km's on it! If it had the same tires on it as the Honda, It would probably be a dream in this weather. In any case - it's better!

I spent this morning running around to wrap up some errands before the storm hit, and was home by noon. It's now 8:17pm and I haven't stopped since...but have no clue what I've accomplished either. lol The tree us un-decorated, and the closet is tidy - all my plants have been re-potted and I've started deep-cleaning the kitchen...but it's hard to tell that I've touched anything!

I only have 1 more day to sleep in before it's back to work with the new job...I'm really nerveous so I guess that means I'm gonna be fine! ;)

I haven't scrapped or baked in ages and I'm worried that I've forgotten how! :( Maybe I should make a tray of pretty cup-cakes for my first day on the job?? that's never a career-limiting move - right?? lol If I pull it off - I'll post pics! :)

Happy 2nd day of 2010!!

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Kirsten said...

Congrats on your two days free. Should get one of those ongoing posters that work safe places have. Keep adding to the number till you take out your next j walker.