Sunday, February 23, 2014

Building my pantry

when I was a kid, I Loved my great grandmothers pantry.  Her home was older than old.  It was plain and simple with lots of character.  Her pantry was in the back corner of her kitchen and was built entirely of dark wood.  There were 2 steps to get into it and given my size at the time, couldn't have been very big at all (likely the size of a phone booth).  For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted a pantry. 

This is a very old picture of my Dining room.  The walls are now a nice vanilla cream color and we replaced the icky light fixture... but you can see where the floor is different on the left hand side.  That's' where there used to be stairs to the basement (there will be a post some day about fixing the discontinued hardwood flooring...but it has still not been fixed so that post will not happen today). 

 We decided to build the pantry in the back left side of the dining room.  We wanted it half the width of the room so that it will leave the window centered on the right.  The main entrance to the house used to be there so the wall and ceiling is pretty wonky and un-fixable.  The light is still there too - from when it was the entry ( you can see it on the ceiling )  Putting the pantry there will let me hide some of the crooked "sins"  of my home and will give me a light inside.  The final measurements of the pantry are about 5' wide and 29" on the outside (25" on the inside)
I've finished the rest of this post with lots and lots of pics. 

As a fun side note...Hubby decided that this stage made for a better "Smoochin Booth" than a Pantry. :) 

 My pantry is still in progress so check back for updates as I get closer to done. :)