Sunday, February 28, 2010

Design Woes!

I guess the de-clutter bug hit me late this year, but I've been combing magazines and web sites for some inspiration, that will help me turn this house of mine into a comfortable home. A place where everything has a place...and I actually know where that place is.

I was flipping through a magazine while kiddo was in violin lessons and saw the most amazing home! It was exactly what I would want if I had zero limitations where I am now. (ie - DH's moronically retarded eyesore of a stereo system with 2 Godzilla size speakers that I affectionately refer to as "The Twins" - which must sit 6 feet away from the back wall, and 4 feet in from the side walls of a room that measures 11x16! *sigh* I must admit - it sounds incredible but holy crap! Does it have to be so big?! ) While I was sitting there - pea green with envy, it occurred to me that - as amazing as these rooms were...there was no "stuff"! Where the heck is their "stuff"?! I mean seriously! Master bedroom - bright and clean - perfect bed - great linnens with crips lines and overstuffed pillows. On each side of the bed is a floating shelf that servs as a night stand. On her side of the bed is a stack of 3 winter white books and a single potted orchid. On his side of the bed, a retro style alarm clock - that's it! The dresser was clear, the bench at the foot of the bed had a quilt tidily folded on top, and the floors were bare except for a neutral area rug...nothing else was in the room!! WTH?! who are these people??! Same with the kids rooms! 2 perfectly made beds, with a coordinating teddy on each and the night stand that separates them held a stack of pretty books and a single wooden train - that's it!! Again, what pod children are these?? My kids would and could not exist in this space - I would LOVE to...but the dollar store would quickly clutter up my minimalist design... The lesson ended and we went home...

This afternoon, I was brave enough to check for storage solutions and DIY projects. They have TONS of articles and video's on small space style. I quickly realized that "small space" only means small to those who can afford a walk in closet and his & her matching ensuite!! I was super excited to watch their "extreme makover for a tiny closet". Designer lady was very proud of herself - talking about how it is packed full of storage solutions and it's pretty too! Then she qualifies that the closet is only 7x8!!! AUGH! Are you kidding me?! Maybe I'm wrong, but when I think of a "tiny closet", I'm thinking 2x4 - NOT something the size of my spare bedroom! :( I kept surfing, though, hoping that I'd find something and...although I did find a tra-zillion rooms I adored...they were all wicked huge, way more funded then my empty pocket book...and didn't have any "stuff". *sigh*

Maybe someday soon, somebody will start a design idea magazine for real poeple with normal homes, busy lives, no money and too much stuff. :S Until then...I'm off to throw out everything I own...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Virus's SUCK!!!

I have a virus! virus's suck! I told a friend that I have a virus and a bad one...she leaned away from me - looked super concerned (cuz she's great like that - and was probably even sincerely worried! ;) then I pointed out that it was my computer that had the virus! lol That is officially the only funny thing about it.

A virus should be no big deal - back your crap up, reformat and done...yeah - great! Sure! In a perfect world where you're not married to a knucklehead who mass replicates all your family photos, and continually sabotage's your long running efforts to sort them all out. To make matters worse - he snores like a BI%$& too! >:( Can you tell I'm not happy about it?? I guess it's a good thing he's still cute! ;)

Anyhow - here I sit - computer off limits till DH can reformat...again...and even then will still be left with the dilemma of how to manage parental control and be able to officially - once and for all - sort out my darn pictures!!

I miss my film camera. :(

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Kingdom of "Mom"

I read somewhere that; "Raising kids is like being pecked to death by a duck!", the duck has rabies, my trank gun is in the shop and I can't reach the snow scraper to wack the crap out of it! Welcome to the Kingdom of Mom...

I need to bake something - soon!