Tuesday, May 24, 2011

So many blog posts...so little time...

Holy cow it has been a while since I blogged!  Time really does fly!  There's so much that I wanna blab about, but I know I'll forget a huge hunk of it before I'm done!  Oh well - here's what I can remember...

The key to a Man's heart is...Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf!!!  Yes - you heard right!  Bacon wrapped meatloaf!  I mosey'd over to the Pioneer Woman's blog and found the recipe for this delicious number :)  Good thing it comes with a prescription for cholesterol pills!  he he  DH thoroughly enjoyed it!  (And cuz he's very well trained...he also said he likes mine better! lol  I think he was toying with me, cuz he immediately chased that with a comment on how good the bacon wrapping was;)

Happy Birthday Kate!  I got a cake order from an adorable 9 year old girlie!  I told her Mom to ask kiddo to draw a picture of the cake she wanted - and she did!  I full 3 tier cake with NO FONDANT!!!  Eek!  I really really suck at smooth frosting!  I know a big part of it is my own fussy-ness...but seriously - I really am not great at it - but - how do you say no to a giddy 9 year old??  The top tier is a rice krispie treat - the rest is marble cake :)  It was a ton of fun and she was super happy with it!  YAY FOR 9 YEAR OLD GIRLS WHO LOVE CAKE!!!  :)

Oh!  Did I mention that I had TWO Cakes on the same day??  (side note - remember waaaaay back when I said I was giving up cakes forever??  yeah - well...ummm...I'm kinda sucking at that!)  This yummy number is marble too!  And LOTS of marshmellow fondant!  Aren't the butterflies adorable??!  Kiddo's Mom brought them in for me to use and I've got so much mad-love for these things, it's not even funny!  AND I treated myself to some super cute fondant cutters (circle, stars and flowers)  I really had a ton of fun with this one too!  Youngest kiddo helped me roll out all the fondant balls (and it's a darn good thing cuz my hands were in agony by the time I was done! :(
(side note #2...see Dr. about carple tunnel (sniff))  I'm feeling pretty old these days...my hands are super super sore!  I haven't had to wear my brace in ages, but today...I didn't get to take it off even once!  My fingers are all pins and needles and it aches to open and close my hand. :(  I know I need surgery - I really can't put it off any longer...but good lord!  The idea of not using my right hand for at least 3 weeks??!!  Honestly!!  Is there anyone out there who can imagine me being on the disabled list for that long?!  I'll go stark raving mad!!!  :(  Seriously!  I'm right handed and there isn't a darn thing I can do with my left had that's even slightly creative, that I can pull off with my left hand only!  I can't even hold a book very well with my left hand!  :( 

Ok - so...that's it for now...I know there are a zillion other things I meant to chat about...but I'll be darned if I can remember any of it!  lol


Friday, May 6, 2011

Money well spent

The punks had the day off school, (and consequently left DH at their mercy).  I knew I needed a way to keep them busy so that they wouldn't run him ragged and send him to an early grave, so I told them they had to make a card for Mom today and could use anything they wanted out of my scrap room. :)  I kinda regretted it as soon as I said it...but didn't take it back.  I haven't seen the completed card as of yet, but I just walk by Thing2 - with TWO cards in progress.  From the quick glance that I stole, I could make out the words "HAPPY MOTHERSDAY NOONIE!"...All in brand new corduroy thickers...*sigh* and...the beautiful textured letters are flanked by Basic Grey jewels and I think I saw the use of a butterfly punch.  On one hand - I kinda feel queezy...on the other hand, though...she's smiling so darn big - it was money well spent. :)  Life's too short to pout over thickers. :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The force is strong with this one...

YAY!  I can finally FINALLY post pics of this super fun cake!!!  I got an e-mail from friends Mom back in March...seems she's been hinting that her Birthday was coming up and that it would be cool to have a Star Wars cake "I'm just sayin" and that "Hollee makes cool cakes"...hmmm...subtle??  Not so much! :)  anyhoo - I was over the moon thrilled to PIECES to get her e-mail!   OF COURSE I'LL MAKE HER CAKE!!!!!  Small catch...I'm sooooo not a Star Wars Geek!  (smooches to all who are, though! :)  So I reeely had to put my thinking cap on for this one! anyway - under the watchful eye of DH - I managed to pull it off.  I'll be honest and say that at 3:00 this morning as I walked away from it (only mostly done) I was iffy...when I got home from work today, though - I went back to work and added the finishing touches...a little grease smear here - a little battle scratch there and voila!!  :)  A storm trooper cake was born!!!  :)  and - I just got a text from the Birthday Girl...she liked it!  (insert happy dance here!!!)