Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Fairy cake

What a fun cake to work on!! :)  I did it again, though...I let my creative brain take over, so after about 8 hours of decorating time - I had to simply walk away.  I resigned myself to the fact that that fairies (who are supposed to be Tinkerbell & Periwinkle) look nothing at all like either.  I was ok with that, though, since the rest of the cake turned out pretty freakin great! :)  Before I pass judgement on my work, though, I should really refer to my in house critic - a.k.a. Soapy.  God bless the excitement of the 10 year old girl.  I only wish I could see my work through her eyes. :) she walked into the room and said "Oh!  You made it a Tinkerbell cake!:)"  and then went on to add "And you added her sister too!"  YAY!  Ok - cool...she then went on to explain that the hair I gave her was more like wolverine than Periwinkle, so I had to scrape her head off and start over - but my re-work was given 2 thumbs up and a HUGE grin - so - success!!  I just delivered it so I'm free to post pics now.  :)  I'm so excited about this one - I really wish I could move in to it! :)