Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tone deaf and I love her!

Kiddo is still up. It's been a long day and I'm too tired to make her go to bed...but she's being pretty good so why fight! She's watching a movie on her DVD player, and wearing headphones to "give me peace" and singing quite loud along with Barbie and the diamond castle. My baby girl LOVES to sing...and is completely and totally tone deaf! lol but I can't help it - I could listen to her for hours cuz she's just so darn adorable when she does! :)

sick again...

Crap! What is up with me?! I just kicked this thing about a month ago, and here I go again...I sound like a 1-900 operator! Ugh...hopefully it wont' last long. :(

Sunday, November 22, 2009

dueling belly cakes!

I received an order for 2 belly cakes! (YAY! I love making those things! :) She wanted a small chocolate belly cake and a large white belly cake - both with blue fondant. I dont' get to do the small ones very often, so this was a treat for me! I hope they enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed making them! :) (I know for sure that the kids LOVED the frosting!! lol )
Here they are!!

(Sorta) New Moon Cake

Earlier this week, I posted about having to do a New Moon cake for a girls sleepover. Well...It's done! It was a huge amount of fun! But was way more "fiddly" then I was expecting. When I was done, I realized that I hsould have left white spaces between my stripes, but oh-well. It was loved all the same :) And here she is! :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I suck at this game!!!

I was trying to update my blog, and found my post from December 2008, where I list all the "must do's" for the 2009 Holidays. That's when it occurred to me that if I'm going to make a list...I should probably follow it! LOL As it stands, I suck at this game!!

Results are as follows;

1. I will "try" to send out Birthday cards every month...oops! My bad!
Not only did I not send them...I think I only made about 3 cards all year!!

2. My Christmas cards will not go out early and I'll be lucky to get them out at all!!

3. My hand made cards were supposed to be made by September...good thing I didn't clarify which YEAR!!

4. There's still a chance for me to use all my ornaments...unless they're "fugly"...but I don't even have a tree yet!

5. A tree in my basement...we'll see??

6. At some point, I'm supposed to get an advent calendar for the girls and actually follow it...LOL WHATEVER!!! No way that'll happen!! lol

7. My goal to finish all my shopping by October first was crap!! It's almost December 1st and I haven't even started!!!

8. My Christmas decorations are supposed to be up by the end of November - we'll see!

9. I have about 2 weeks to put my tree up. (December 1st)

10. I will not miss a single concert or craft far so good! HA! 1 out of 10 baby!! Oh yeah!!

11. My house should look like Las Vegas by now and yet...I'm not even sure where I put my lights!! LOL

12. In the midst of all the things I've failed miserably at, I'm supposed to enjoy every minute of the holidays...ummm..ok?? sure!! I'll get right on that!! LOL

So I guess it's time for next years resolutions, which are summed up nicely by this...DON'T SUCK NEXT YEAR!!! LOL

Happy Almost Holidays!!

I'm off to check on my belly! :)

Wanna see my (batter) boobs??

Tonight, Cake-Mania begins! My belly is in the oven, and my batter-boobs are on the counter, patiently waiting their turn to bake! The slab that they will sit on is also in line...but I ran out of eggs, so my "New Moon" cake will have to wait till tomorrow - Crap! :( Oh well - if nothing else, I've got a great jump on the 1st of 2 belly cakes (which is the most work of all 3!) Tomorrow, I'll finish my baking and Thursday night will be a total decorating marathon! lol

Wanna see my (batter) boobs?? lol

Here they are! :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Crazy Cake Week!!!

This coming week is going to be a crazy cake week!! On Friday, I have to deliver a "new moon" cake. If you haven't seen it on the Twilight previews, it looks like this! Because it's for a sleepover with only 4 girls, though, I'll downsize it to the top 2 tiers only. I'll probably use a 6" and an 8"'s pretty straight forward, and the Mom is picking up the flowers. I'll use some chipboard letters that I have on hand and emboss them in silver for the topper. It should be a ton of fun!!!
THEN...I get to do, not 1 but TWO belly cakes for Saturday morning!!! LOL Mom2B knows she's having a boy, so I'll be making 2 boy bellies!! It's sure to be a TON of fun...AND a ton of CAKE!! lol I'll post pics as I get them done. :)
THEN...I have another cake due on the 5th of December - another sleepover cake that I'm really looking forward to!!
THEN on the following weekend, I'll have a birthday cake to deliver...not sure yet what that one will be, but as always...I'll post pics.
And now I'm off to bed frosting sugar high just wore off! lol

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My first EVER Hamburger Cake

Every year, I donate a couple of cakes to an office fund raiser to be auctioned off. Recently, a lady who won TWO auctions ago asked to claim her cake! :S She wanted something fun for her niece who will be 11 - Soooo - A Hamburger cake was born!!!

I used a chocolate cake for the patty - coated it in chocolate frosting, then rolled it in chopped up chocolate chips! Uhh - YUM!!! The bun is white cake and everything else is frosting frosting frosting! I'm tickled with how well it turned out! I even like my little sesame seeds on top! :) I sure hope she likes it!!