Monday, November 16, 2009

Crazy Cake Week!!!

This coming week is going to be a crazy cake week!! On Friday, I have to deliver a "new moon" cake. If you haven't seen it on the Twilight previews, it looks like this! Because it's for a sleepover with only 4 girls, though, I'll downsize it to the top 2 tiers only. I'll probably use a 6" and an 8"'s pretty straight forward, and the Mom is picking up the flowers. I'll use some chipboard letters that I have on hand and emboss them in silver for the topper. It should be a ton of fun!!!
THEN...I get to do, not 1 but TWO belly cakes for Saturday morning!!! LOL Mom2B knows she's having a boy, so I'll be making 2 boy bellies!! It's sure to be a TON of fun...AND a ton of CAKE!! lol I'll post pics as I get them done. :)
THEN...I have another cake due on the 5th of December - another sleepover cake that I'm really looking forward to!!
THEN on the following weekend, I'll have a birthday cake to deliver...not sure yet what that one will be, but as always...I'll post pics.
And now I'm off to bed frosting sugar high just wore off! lol

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lesly said...

mmmmm Icing!!! only thing better than icing is FONDANT!!! :)