Friday, October 12, 2012

Another crazy cake week. (belated post)

hehe  I clearly need more sleep because I forgot that I had already started a post for these cakes!  :)

A couple weeks ago, I kept myself pretty busy with 3 different cakes...

1st was a Wedding Cake for the best bride EVER!!!  She wanted a cake like the one I did a couple years ago for another wedding and I LOVE how it turned out! :)  I only wish I could have better lighting for the pic. :) I had so much fun delivering this one too!  I took youngest kiddo with me and she got to see the bride in person. :)  she was sooo cute too - when we were there, she whispered..." she a real live bride?" :)  Too cute. :)

The next cake was a smash cake for October Afternoon Photography.  I had so much fun with this one too! :)  How often do you get to put spikes and faux leather cuffs on a cake for a baby??! lol  You can see her AMAZING work and what happenned to the cake here!

The 3rd cake I had the pleasure of putting together was another bumble bee cake. :)  I think the stinger is my favorite part.

And they that! :)
p.s.  Having a laptop is wicked...and being able to pull my pics from the camera - well...I'm doin a happy dance right now! :D  

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It's about time!!

Yay!  It's official!  I no longer have a single thing keeping me from being able to update my crazy and sadly neglected blog!!  My dearest hubby was kind enough to present me with a laptop for our 10th anniversary and I have to say that it's the best gift EVER!!!  Now that I have USB connections and a real live keyboard...nothing can stop me now!!! MWAH-HAH-HAH-HAAAAA!  :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Careful what you ask for!

The trouble with asking a 9 year old to decide what kind of cake she wants is that eventually, she will decide. It’s always a bit of a Russian Roulette type of request because she watches me all year – making fun filled cakes for perfect strangers and occasionally comments that I don’t ever do super fun cakes for the family. What she has overlooked is that there are only 3 birthdays per year in our home (since I don’t feel like making my own birthday cake – EVER!) and until this year, hubby led me to believe that his preference was an ice cream cake!! The additional tid-bit of info is that each of the girls also gets a cake for their class – as well as a cake for the house…and if there happens to be a party for the grand event – they also have a cake for THAT!! So – even though I do see her point (if I squint a little and turn my head to the right) her argument is a little weak. In any case – the kiddo is typically my easy going and easy to please kiddo who asks usually for super simple cakes. Last year was chocolate cake with boiled icing and fudge sauce – really??!! Heck yeah!! :) Not much for decorative value but dang it was yummy!!!

Anyway – where was I?? Oh right! I asked kiddo to pick a super cool cake this year. I asked her to pick something that I could work on for a bit and really “sink my teeth into”. I probably put too much emphasis on picking something that would be a challenge and fun for me cuz boy did she ever come up with a good one!! LOL She chose her cake yesterday and my head is still spinning over what to do about it cuz I may have met my match!! What did she pick you ask?? Well…none other than a Corpse Bride cake!!! (insert vintage horror-movie sound track *wah-wah-wah* noice here!)

I’ll let ya know how it goes…