Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Delayed Gratification!!!

So my plan kinda backfired!! I have surgery tomorrow, and will spend approx' 3-6 weeks recovering! ugh! Anyhoo - I decided that I'd get the twilight books to entertain myself during my down time. I figured that there was no way I'd get through all 4 in 3 weeks - I mean...I had seen the movie, and it totally felt like something was missing...but still...those books are pretty bit and I haven't read anything that wasn't penned by R. Munsch in years!!!

Well...I bought the 1st one...read a few pages and thought I had made a mistake...put it down...and over the course of the next few day...BLAM!!! I was totally hooked!!! So in less then 3 days I finished the 1st one!! The house had gone to heck as I dive into this crazy adventure with hot young vegetarian vampires!! LOL It was awful!! I'm like a junkie!! I sobbed and everything!! So a lady at work loaned me the other 3...Mistake #2! Yesterday afternoon I started reading New Moon!!! And this morning, at 10am, I finished it in the parking lot of the dollar store!!!

Sad...but true!!!

So now - I still have 3-6 weeks to go...and only 2 books to read!!! And now I'm scared that I'll have this empty feeling when I'm done and won't want them to end!!! Holy cow - I really need to get a grip on myself!!!

This must be why I stopped reading so many years ago!!! LOL