Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My hand hurts...

Yesterday I had surgery on my right hand for carpal tunnel...and my hand reely hurts.  Not as much as it did yesterday, though.  Wanna know why?  Cuz appearantly I have a high tolerance to local anasthetic!  crap!  Poor doc!  I heard him say That he had already given me too much...but I could still feel the cutting and pulling! :(  I am sooo not in to being 1 handed...and I suck at typing with my left hand. :(  And I still need to have the left hand done!  Doc refused to do it with a local though.  Thank God!

Monday, June 27, 2011

The unfotunate condition of being a meat head!

Daisy is a meat head!  A big one!!  For days, we've been trying to introduce Matt the Cat to Daisy the dumb saint bernard and it hasn't gone well.  Why?  cuz Daisy is a meat head!  Matt the cat is completely willing to have Daisy in his space.  He sits politely and they touch noses and sniff and Matt the Cat doesnt' bat an eye!  The problem happens when the Meat Head gets so excited that she wants to climb on top of Matt the Cat and sniff him all over and squeel and play and whatever the hell else she thinks she can do with a teeny tiny Matt the cat - Matt the cat will hiss - Daisy doesn't get it - Matt the cat will hiss a 2nd time - Daisy doesn't get it...Matt the cat will swat (without making contact) and Daisy STILL doesn't get it!  And whe Matt the cat tries to sneak away...the moron Meat head follows!!!  AUGH!  I even took her to the dog park last night to run off some crazy - hoping it would settle her down but it has been a full week and she's still laser focussed on the freakin cat!!  AUGH!  I'm about ready to lose my mind!  Maybe i could slip Daisy an ativan...??  spose that'd be bad??

Monday, June 20, 2011

Cuz we needed one more thing...

I'm sure that I'm a glutton for punishment - positive in fact.  On Saturday, I made the mistake of taking Sophie to the SPCA to see all the kittens.  The reason is that kittens are like little Kamakaze ankle ninja's that freak my kid out!  I wanted her to be freaked out so that she'd get over her want for a furry little ball of bazurk and we could carry on our cat-free existence.  Worked like a charm!  She was totally freaked out and did NOT want a kitten - YAY! 

Next - we went in to check out the grown up kitties.  She always leaves asking for "a cat" but never a specific cat.  She has never fallen for one particular cat...until now - drat!  We went in to the back room and saw a mangled and scruffy half shaved white kitty with blue eyes and...he was calm and quiet and sweet and was all over her like a fat kid on smarties!  Head butting and rubbing his face all over and wouldn't leave her alone. Crap! Since then - all she talked about was kitty - she was hooked and bad!  Just to add to it...there's a very good possability that he's deaf.  If not completely - mostly. 

So far, his name is "Matt" cuz when he was brought in, he had a huge matt that took up over half his body and it was pulling the hair from his skin, so he was raw and scabbed over!  poor kitty!  They had to shave him and he just laid there and let them do it!  He really is a very sweet boy.  Very needy and clingy - but Sophia is totally in Love, and so...Matt is now part of the Pospolita Ranch...and Daisy is freaking out excited!! 

Matt - is still undecided about Daisy :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How far would you go to have the summer off??

Would you undergo surgery??  How bout 2 surgeries??  Sound insane?  Too far fetched for words?  Yeah well - that's me!  lol  and that is the only way I'm going to get the summer off!

I have carpal tunnel in both hands.  The right is worse then my left, but I need to have it fixed.  Everything hurts more each day.  Opening jars, opening doors, typing, driving, baking, crochet, creating in general...I need it to not hurt for a change, and so - the date for my right hand has been set to June 28th.  My 2nd hand will be done a month later, which will also take a month to recover and there I will sit, with 2 freaky tan lines and more useless then I have ever been, (while still able to flip someone the bird) till the end of summer.  I say - as long as I can hold a stiff drink (or reach the straw from my seated position) Bring it on! :)

I may be a little bit disturbed, but the jury is still out on that one. :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

What a gorgeous day out!  I can't even believe how nice it is!  It's the perfect degree of hot with a small breeze - ideal for hanging clothes on the line or mowing the lawn or getting all the yard work done that I've needed to for the last 6 weeks! (If I had a cottage, though, I'd totally spend it there and let the grass grow up to my ear lobes! :)  The pool is filling, the back lawn is almost mowed and before the day is through, I'll have my day-lillies moved to the back yard. (yes - I know - it's bad to move them in this heat, but these lillies are tougher then boiled owls! lol  They'll be angry with me for a few days, but they'll be fine :)

Tonight at 6:30, Soapy has her violin recital.  She's super excited too!.  We went dress shopping last night and I was amazed by 2 things.  1st - we found the most adorable dress at Walmart for $11!!!!!  And baby girl who is a mere 8 years old, wears a ladies size 6 in shoes!!!  (I'm less ready for that then I was for a teenager! :(

I've got high hopes for this weekend and so far - it's lookin good!

What do you have planned?? 

Monday, June 6, 2011

8 legs worth of creepy and cool!!!

I'm ebarassed to admit how badly my skin was crawling when I took this picture.  This little bigger then I'm comfortable with guy crawled out from under my siding while I was quickly hosing away what was obviously his summer home!  As super icky as he is - I have to admit that he's pretty cool!  I have never seen a white spider before!! 
When I took this picture, I immediately became aware of 2 things.  1st...Spiders freak me out way more then I'm happy with, and 2...I really need to scruby my siding.  The truth behind #2, though is that (for those of you who have never done so) whatever is lurking under your siding becomes a water propelled missile and is jettesoned out from behind the siding faster then Scotty can get the starship enterprise into warp speed!  Picture it...a zillion marble sized - water propelled - torpedo spiders.   *shudder*  Yeah - that can totally wait till fall!!!  :S  

Saturday, June 4, 2011

You can cram alot in a week!

Did you know that magicians don't sleep??  It's true!  I have the pic to prove it!  The impressive pic to the left was taken after 11pm one night, while kiddo was up late playing with her new magic kit!  (My boss got it for her as a thank you for the flowers she planted for them.  Thankfully, he chose a magic kit over a super-soaker! lol)

In other news...WE HAVE CABLE!!!!! Yup - it's true!! We've had it for a little over 2 weeks now and I have to say...there's never a darn thing on! :(

Yesterday, I went to see a plastic surgeon about the bump on my index finger.  He did some funky tapping on the palm of my hand and it went pop-zing and hurt like heck! In fact, my hand has never hurt worse and has been extremely sore since! Anyway - he put me on the "urgent" list and is going to operate on the 28th of June to fix my carpal tunnel once and for all! I'm terrified! Me - sitting idle for at least 2 weeks!! This is going to be waaay worse then phneumonia!! :( But is has to be done. On that same note - it also meant I had to cancel 8 cake orders!! I sent them all to kdf creations, though - so hopefully it will work out for everyone :)

Today was very...ummm??  What's the word?  Full!  What a day!  It started at 7:05am when Miss Soapy Sue drug her disney princess storage cart into my room and slammed it on the floor!  She had a huge smile on her face and was trying to show me that she had tydied her room (by jamming everything into this giant pink rolly thing!  ugh!  I sent her upstairs to watch TV.  I went back to bed and got to sleep in a little (as much as you can sleep in with the sound of Dumbo the freakin Saint-Bernard - flapping the crap out of her mutant ears!! ugh! ) Anyhoo - my alarm was set for 8:30 cuz I had to deliver a belly cake and a little crochet sumthin at noon.  I started the cake by 9am and was done by 10:30ish.  I love belly cakes - they go together sooooo fast! :)  I also have to say that I will forever more only make fondant when it's not raining!  (yeah sure - who am I kidding...I'll continue to make it in the rain and complain about the result.)

Once the cake was done, I was driven crazy enough by the flapping of Daisy ears to clean them.  I officially know her head is empty, cuz I can fit a full 2oz bottle of ear cleaning solution into each ear canal and she doesn't even flinch - and I'm sure there's room for more, cuz nothing spills out either!  Since we recovered from the liquid glacier ear cleaning solution adventure in January, she has been really great about her ears.  Truth be told - the big meat head is growing on me. (shhhh!  don't tell her!)  Honestly, it's a real treat to be able to clean ears and clip a big dogs nails without even the smallest flinch!  She really is a good girl.  (this is the view from my computer chair...)  She seems to be spending more and more time in my room.  DH figures it's cuz she likes me most...I think it's cuz i finally cleaned my room and she has space to lay down! :) 

Ok - back to today...I delivered the cake and the crochet thing at noon. 
 Isn't she sweet!  The cake and bear are for the grand-baby in progress of a colleage and dear friend :)  I'm so excited for her!  She has 2 grown boys, but her grand baby (who is due in July) is a girl!!  It's so cute because she is totally a boys Mom!  She loves all things rugged and manly, loves boy colors, and boy games.  It's not hard to tell she has been the only girl in the house!  That said - I have no doubt she could take any one of them at the drop of a hat! :)  I'm super tickled that she'll finally have some pink and girlie in her life! :)   Needless to say - I knew this little bear would be the perfect companion for the new girlie addition to her family :)

After dropping of the cake, Maddie and I swung by the dollar store to pick up some trinkets to decorate stepping stones!!  I had picked up square foil cake pans at the dollar store and a bag of concrete - took it home, mixed it up and we all decorated stepping stones for the back yard!!  They're sooper cute!  And I can't wait for them to dry so that we can put them in the ground! :)  I needed something for around the pool and just couldn't justify paying $3+ per stone when a $6. bag of concrete will make almost 2 dozen!!!  

 I got DH's help mixing the concrete and put it all in pans.  We spread it out on the deck and it become a stepping stone decorating free for all! :)  (like the pic??  This would be the reason why I often stay behind the camera!)  Yes - that's cake batter in my hair!   lol 
 Now is the hard part...waiting for them to dry! :)  I'm a little disappointed that the letter stamps didnt' work in them - but otherwise, I think they're super cute and can't wait to see them when they're done!

 In the middle of all of this - DH made time to work on his bike.  I'm super happy that he's had the chance cuz it makes him so happy.  I wish he was feeling well enough to be able to do it more often.  I'll keep tossing pennies into fountains, though, just in case :)

After was get the pool ready time.  It's such a mess every year.  I darn near wrack myself getting the silly ground ready and this year was no exception.  We dug and raked and dug some more...I teased Soph about a worm on her croc - she screamed her infamous  wwWWWaaaAAAaHHhhh~! sound - Maddie and I cracked up - Soph got sooper ticked and stormed into the house! lol  Then Maddie tipped the wheel barrow over and twisted her ankle...and then it was just me...and then somebody thought it was a terrific idea to let the meat head saint bernard outside and guess what??!!  She immediately started digging up the ground that we had been working so hard to get level!! (remember a few minutes ago when I mentioned she was growing on me??  I lied!!)   and that's when I waved my white flag of surrender!

Now that I've managed to hop in the shower and wash off the grodies from the day, I'm about to start Nacho's for a late dinner!  (this having a teenager thing is pretty cool cuz she's upstairs making Nachos for her and her sister! :) 

and on that note, I hope that anyone who ever reads this had a terrific day and was able to enjoy some family fun and sunny sun :)