Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

What a gorgeous day out!  I can't even believe how nice it is!  It's the perfect degree of hot with a small breeze - ideal for hanging clothes on the line or mowing the lawn or getting all the yard work done that I've needed to for the last 6 weeks! (If I had a cottage, though, I'd totally spend it there and let the grass grow up to my ear lobes! :)  The pool is filling, the back lawn is almost mowed and before the day is through, I'll have my day-lillies moved to the back yard. (yes - I know - it's bad to move them in this heat, but these lillies are tougher then boiled owls! lol  They'll be angry with me for a few days, but they'll be fine :)

Tonight at 6:30, Soapy has her violin recital.  She's super excited too!.  We went dress shopping last night and I was amazed by 2 things.  1st - we found the most adorable dress at Walmart for $11!!!!!  And baby girl who is a mere 8 years old, wears a ladies size 6 in shoes!!!  (I'm less ready for that then I was for a teenager! :(

I've got high hopes for this weekend and so far - it's lookin good!

What do you have planned?? 

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