Monday, June 6, 2011

8 legs worth of creepy and cool!!!

I'm ebarassed to admit how badly my skin was crawling when I took this picture.  This little bigger then I'm comfortable with guy crawled out from under my siding while I was quickly hosing away what was obviously his summer home!  As super icky as he is - I have to admit that he's pretty cool!  I have never seen a white spider before!! 
When I took this picture, I immediately became aware of 2 things.  1st...Spiders freak me out way more then I'm happy with, and 2...I really need to scruby my siding.  The truth behind #2, though is that (for those of you who have never done so) whatever is lurking under your siding becomes a water propelled missile and is jettesoned out from behind the siding faster then Scotty can get the starship enterprise into warp speed!  Picture it...a zillion marble sized - water propelled - torpedo spiders.   *shudder*  Yeah - that can totally wait till fall!!!  :S  

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