Sunday, July 31, 2011

A bunny for a cousin

DD's cousin was having a birthday on Saturday, so she asked me if I could make something for her.  Wednesday, I started a bunny and wrapped it up on Friday afternoon (just in time to send DD to the party! pfeuf!)  I'm over the moon excited with how she turned out and want one for myself!

Aint she sweet!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

And on the 8th day, God made Cannolis!

If you have never had a Cannoli, you must MUST try one!!  I got sucked in by Cake Boss, watching them make hundreds of them on Cannoli day.  Then, my BIL & SIL brought us home one from Carlos Bakery last year.  Even though it had spent a couple of days in the fridge it was WIH-KED!  So, I had to try them for myself.  I will post a couple pics in the morning, cuz it's after 1am and I'm sleepy - but - you will totally want to whip up a batch for yourself!!  Oh - and I had to use a dollar store mop to make them! :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

I got a motorcycle today!!!

Ok Ok - She's missing a few parts and isn't a "real" motorcycle YET...But she will be and I'm gonna build her! :) 

This real bike belongs to DH.  I have never much cared for motorcycles, until I met this one!  She's a 1971 Triumph Bonneville and she is soooper cool! 
DH got her when he was 17!  I wont' tell you how long ago that was though. ;)  For the first few years that DH and I were together, she sat untouched.  Not sure why, I guess life got in the way.  A couple of years ago, though, I registered and insured her and nudged him to start her up again and in the process created a monster! lol  He LOVEs working on his bike.  He's alot like me though, so once he starts something he enjoys, good luck getting his attention! :)  I have really enjoyed watching him work on her and have learned a ton in the process - including - British bikes are way cool! :)

And now, my journey begins with "Nessy".  She's the bones of a 1971, just like DH's bike and needs to be built from the ground up.  I have no clue what I'm doing (and can't even ride a motorcycle) but DH knows more about her then the people who built her so I've got a great teacher. :)

I will make my list and work away as we find the parts...and at some point during this resurrection, I'll need to learn how to drive her and get my bike license!! Good Lord!  What was I thinking??  lol  Oh yeah - British Bikes are waaay cool!!  :)  Ironically enough, I am pretty sure that the biggest challenge will be finding a helmet that fits my giant head!

Here is where my list begins...

1.  Get bike frame - check!
2.  Find serial number so that she can be registered - check!
3.  Sand blast and paint the frame
4...I guess we'll wait and see :)

Deadline??  Hmmm...Let's say - before my 40th Birthday. :)

You know...I'm sure that many people would tell me I'm crazy, but who doesn't already know that??  :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wolf cake

I've been sorting through some pics and realized I missed another one!

On April 23rd, I became the proud Mom of a teenager!!  AUGH!  How can this happen?!  I'm much to young to have one of those creatures!  Thankfully - mine is a good kid and I still like her a bunch :)  For her birthday, I asked her what kind of cake she wanted, and her answer was quick - a wolf cake! Hmmm...a wolf cake??  Yup - and rainbow batter!  hmmm - ok - done! 

I googled a bunch of ideas for a wolf cake and came up short - so I decided to wing it.  I started with the rainbow batter cuz I knew I could pull off that part - and - the head was going to have to be I knew what pans to use too - that part was easy.  While it was baking, though, I screwed on my thinking cap and started to sketch out what a wolf cake should look like.  This was my end result and she was pretty happy with him so I'd consider it a win! :)  (I especially like his toofers! :)

Boston Bruins cake

I made this cake on June 22nd...and forgot to post it!  The funny story behind this one, is that my Boss's boss asked me if I could squeeze one more cake in before my surgery.  Sure!  No prob!  He asked me this on Tuesday, June 21st.  He gave me all the details etc - how many people it was for, flavor etc.  Too easy!  That gave me a week to get it done and I could do THAT in my sleep! :)  I told him I'd make a vanilla pound cake, but marble the inside with black, yellow & white!  Done! Then he added "As long as he can have it before the last day of school, anytime is fine."  Huh??  CRAP!!  He wanted it for his son to take to school...and Friday is the last day of class, sooo - that meant I had to take it in by Thursday at the latest, which meant...I'd be decorating a cake for someone else - on my birthday!  Oh well :)  I really didn't mind.  We didn't have much for plans anyway, so it was all good :)  I had to run in town to pick up a heavier box, but other then that - it was off without a hitch and I wrapped it up just before 1am! :)  It turned out great and everyone LOVED it!!  WHOOT!  Another happy customer! :)

As a side note...transporting an 18" round cake that weighs easily 20lbs on the city bus is not ideal! :)

Monday, July 18, 2011


As mentioned in my previous post, I finally got my stitches out.  Doc said to resume regular activity, but avoid anything that uses extreme force.  Thankfully, Crocheting does not use extreme force! :)  And so...I've been keeping busy! :)  Oh how I've missed it! :)
 This one is a newborn cocoon!  (And if I had a baby to squeeze into it - it would be much much cuter! :)

This one is a news boy beret that I whipped up.

 Oh so cute Elf hat!  It's much longer then I realized - but still super cute!
I LOVE this cocoon!  It's super soft and cozy too!  And went together way fast! :)

It seriously doesn't hurt! My right hand is still stiff and I'm working my way back to "normal", but my fingers haven't ached or gone numb at all since my surgery!  And while I'm working my way back to "normal" I'm thoroughly enjoying creating again :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Wanna see sumthin gross??  Of course you do!!  :)

SEE!  Toldja!  I got my stitches out this morning and what a relief!!  It stung a little with a couple of them, but was virtually painless.  Then I soaked them with vitamin e oil (hense the sheen from the pic) and am hoping they soften up quickly.  It still feels a little stiff and tight, but overall I'm almost 50% back to normal as far as range of motion and use goes.  I know I could do more with it, but I'm still favoring it (and trying hard not to)  Doc sez I should use it and resume regular activities (but avoid anything with force).  Back to work in 2 weeks though - darnit! :) 

Anyhoo - just to force myself back to using it, (our car is a standard) I'm heading to the dog park with Crayzee May cuz she's driving me bazurk!  She's got a serious case of cabin fever and broke her rope outside.  Also - she's been tearing through the house like a 120lb rocket powered bull-dozer!!  Scorching heat and humidity be damned!!  Poochie is going to the park! lol

Oh and dont' tell anyone, but...I managed to whip up a half crochet cocoon and a hat in the last 2 nights!  WHEEEEE!

Ok - that's all for now :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

My missing knuckles...

I woke up this morning, and got a lovely visit from my knuckles!!  They have been missing since teh 28th of June when I had carpal tunnel surgery - but for a brief moment...I hadem back! :)  AND my hand is slightly more useful then decorative today. :)  Please cross your fingers that it will be all up hill from here...and as soon as I'm able to cross mine, I'll take over. :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011


In your FACE Cesar milan!!!  :)  I aint never seen You "shhht" a pitbull into wearing clothes!  I WIN!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Cookies with 1 hand...

yup!  turns out I can bake cookies with 1 hand!  It takes twice as long...but that gives just enough time to eat the 1st batch before the 2nd batch comes out of the oven! :)

I wonder if...

I can bake cookies with only 1 hand...I guess we'll find out?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Exposed and nasty!

I got to unwrap my hand today!  YAY!  Cept...havin a queezy stomach made me wanna wrap it back up in a hurry!  I have clean new band aids on both of my wounds - which feels worlds better then the splint/cast that was on it.  I'm also typing with 2 hands again!  YAY!  Cept I'm pretty slow still cuz my hand is super we're talking SWO-LLEN!!  Seriously!  The incredible hulk has dainty girl-ish hands compared to my right one!  and it feels totally weird - like foreign almost.  I don't like it - but it's better then it was.  If I can get the swelling under control, I'll be cookin with gas! (figuratively that stove is electric ;)  I'll post a pic as soon as I find the camera. :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Post carpal tunnel surgery - Day 3

Day 3 and here is what I have learned...
  • With 1 hand, I can wipe my own butt...for that, I am grateful.
  • Tylenol 3 does not make me as sleepy as I would like.
  • I am vey slow at typing with my left hand.
  • You can successfully navigate most of Webkinz world with only 1 hand.
  • Buttons are the devil.
  • 1 armed Women have short hair for a reason!
  • PB & J only needs 1 hand :)
  • PB & J is only fun as a meal plan for 2.5 days.
  • Nachos need 2 hands.
  • A cheese grater only needs 1 hand, but may cost a knuckle or 2.
  • 8 year old girls are not very good at putting pony tails in grown up hair.
  • I can not crochet with a bandaged hand...Yes I tried!
  • I am borred out of my mind!
Good news is that I can take my splint off on Monday! And I soo can't freakin wait!!!