Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Wanna see sumthin gross??  Of course you do!!  :)

SEE!  Toldja!  I got my stitches out this morning and what a relief!!  It stung a little with a couple of them, but was virtually painless.  Then I soaked them with vitamin e oil (hense the sheen from the pic) and am hoping they soften up quickly.  It still feels a little stiff and tight, but overall I'm almost 50% back to normal as far as range of motion and use goes.  I know I could do more with it, but I'm still favoring it (and trying hard not to)  Doc sez I should use it and resume regular activities (but avoid anything with force).  Back to work in 2 weeks though - darnit! :) 

Anyhoo - just to force myself back to using it, (our car is a standard) I'm heading to the dog park with Crayzee May cuz she's driving me bazurk!  She's got a serious case of cabin fever and broke her rope outside.  Also - she's been tearing through the house like a 120lb rocket powered bull-dozer!!  Scorching heat and humidity be damned!!  Poochie is going to the park! lol

Oh and dont' tell anyone, but...I managed to whip up a half crochet cocoon and a hat in the last 2 nights!  WHEEEEE!

Ok - that's all for now :)


Kirsten said...

that's nothing....I will have to show you the photo of what they took off my foot last year!!

Have fun at the dog park

Cathy W said...

Glad that you're feeling better! Saw your cocoon - very sweet. Can't wait to see you back here :o)