Friday, July 22, 2011

I got a motorcycle today!!!

Ok Ok - She's missing a few parts and isn't a "real" motorcycle YET...But she will be and I'm gonna build her! :) 

This real bike belongs to DH.  I have never much cared for motorcycles, until I met this one!  She's a 1971 Triumph Bonneville and she is soooper cool! 
DH got her when he was 17!  I wont' tell you how long ago that was though. ;)  For the first few years that DH and I were together, she sat untouched.  Not sure why, I guess life got in the way.  A couple of years ago, though, I registered and insured her and nudged him to start her up again and in the process created a monster! lol  He LOVEs working on his bike.  He's alot like me though, so once he starts something he enjoys, good luck getting his attention! :)  I have really enjoyed watching him work on her and have learned a ton in the process - including - British bikes are way cool! :)

And now, my journey begins with "Nessy".  She's the bones of a 1971, just like DH's bike and needs to be built from the ground up.  I have no clue what I'm doing (and can't even ride a motorcycle) but DH knows more about her then the people who built her so I've got a great teacher. :)

I will make my list and work away as we find the parts...and at some point during this resurrection, I'll need to learn how to drive her and get my bike license!! Good Lord!  What was I thinking??  lol  Oh yeah - British Bikes are waaay cool!!  :)  Ironically enough, I am pretty sure that the biggest challenge will be finding a helmet that fits my giant head!

Here is where my list begins...

1.  Get bike frame - check!
2.  Find serial number so that she can be registered - check!
3.  Sand blast and paint the frame
4...I guess we'll wait and see :)

Deadline??  Hmmm...Let's say - before my 40th Birthday. :)

You know...I'm sure that many people would tell me I'm crazy, but who doesn't already know that??  :)

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Auntie Em said...

I will be watching to see the progress of this one! I drove a bike once and put it through a picket fence. Loved being a passenger but not a driver!
Good luck!