Monday, July 18, 2011


As mentioned in my previous post, I finally got my stitches out.  Doc said to resume regular activity, but avoid anything that uses extreme force.  Thankfully, Crocheting does not use extreme force! :)  And so...I've been keeping busy! :)  Oh how I've missed it! :)
 This one is a newborn cocoon!  (And if I had a baby to squeeze into it - it would be much much cuter! :)

This one is a news boy beret that I whipped up.

 Oh so cute Elf hat!  It's much longer then I realized - but still super cute!
I LOVE this cocoon!  It's super soft and cozy too!  And went together way fast! :)

It seriously doesn't hurt! My right hand is still stiff and I'm working my way back to "normal", but my fingers haven't ached or gone numb at all since my surgery!  And while I'm working my way back to "normal" I'm thoroughly enjoying creating again :)

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Auntie Em said...

Look at you go, you Crazy, crochet machine!!! :D Love your hats and cocoons. Hope your hand keeps improving quickly and you don't have any more problems. :)