Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Boston Bruins cake

I made this cake on June 22nd...and forgot to post it!  The funny story behind this one, is that my Boss's boss asked me if I could squeeze one more cake in before my surgery.  Sure!  No prob!  He asked me this on Tuesday, June 21st.  He gave me all the details etc - how many people it was for, flavor etc.  Too easy!  That gave me a week to get it done and I could do THAT in my sleep! :)  I told him I'd make a vanilla pound cake, but marble the inside with black, yellow & white!  Done! Then he added "As long as he can have it before the last day of school, anytime is fine."  Huh??  CRAP!!  He wanted it for his son to take to school...and Friday is the last day of class, sooo - that meant I had to take it in by Thursday at the latest, which meant...I'd be decorating a cake for someone else - on my birthday!  Oh well :)  I really didn't mind.  We didn't have much for plans anyway, so it was all good :)  I had to run in town to pick up a heavier box, but other then that - it was off without a hitch and I wrapped it up just before 1am! :)  It turned out great and everyone LOVED it!!  WHOOT!  Another happy customer! :)

As a side note...transporting an 18" round cake that weighs easily 20lbs on the city bus is not ideal! :)


Kirsten said...

stunning DH would love it

kay said...
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kay said...

Hi Hollee! Would love to know if you are in the Boston area! Would love to contact you today for a cake tomorrow! How do I reach you?