Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Growing, New hobbies and more...


Daisy is growing waaaay too fast!!! she's already way too close to 80lbs and is too big for the chair.
Her solution...take up the entire couch instead! :)

On the Hobbie front... I'm almost embarassed to admit that I have picked up a new one! I actually started it about a year ago, but I'm LOVING it!!! I LOVE scrapping, and baking and card making and cake making and various other things...but this one I can pick up and put down anytime and can enjoy in front of the TV while DH watches zombie movies!!! Wanna know what it is?? (In case the HUGE pic to the left didn't give it away)

Here's my most recent project (just wrapped it up tonight!) Aint she sweet?! I like the hat too! :) Super warm and cozy and looks really cute on kiddo!

I've been crochet'ing like a fiend lately...but have given it all away! eek!

And on a more random note...S and I dug out the face paint last night...she cracks me up! LOL It started as a butterfly...then a fairy...then a Tiger that I totally screwed up...then a...a...well I'm not sure what the heck it is but she liked it! :)

Monday, August 30, 2010


Meet Bubbles...He's almost 5 years old, and has been bustin this move for almost 3! Cuz that's how we roll in these here parts! Believe me when I tell you - he's very much alive and "well" he he.
God help me...even my fish is weird! :S
*p.s. this post was way funnier when Dianna Ross was singing "Up side down" in the background! ;)

Ugly trooth...

I found a chocolate bar in my desk today…it was opened…and I’m not sure how long it has been there. I ate it anyway...I'm weak!

Friday, August 27, 2010


Advil - Nuthin
Robax - Nuthin
Tylenol - Nuthin
Aleve....Rawks!!! I must say that I'm on a most excellent adventure! Thank you aleve for allowing me to bend in the middle! :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A pain in the A$&

Yesterday afternoon, I was helping a colleague tape her headset speaker to her telephone and WHAM! My sciatic nerve went out and I almost hit the floor!! I played it cool, though, and wall-hugged my way back to my desk and camped out for a bit but finally had to leave 3hrs early. I spent the night resting and baby-ing my back and this morning it wasn't much better. Back to work I went and...to make a long story short - I'm at day 2 with no improvement! I hate having a bad back! I reeely reeely hate it! I had huge plans for this week and this weekend and now I'm gonna spend them in bed!! >:( Having a bad back is a total pain in the A$%!!! I'm not impressed. :(

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I'M SO EXCITED I COULD PEE!!! My kiddo sis (who is a mere 4 years younger then me but rubs it in constantly that I'm her "MUCH older sister") is expecting and IT'S A GIRL!!! IT'S A GIRL!!! IT'S A GIRL!!!! SHE on the other hand, is mortified because SHE want's a boy-child instead. She already has my nephew (who is 10 - no wait! 11!) and for whatever reason has decided the baby MUST be a boy. Today, though, they had their ultrasound and suspicions were confirmed - There are no boy parts on this baby!!! YIPPPEEEEEEE!!! I'm so thrilled to get that news, cuz otherwise, today pretty much blew. :(

Monday, August 23, 2010


  1. 1 crayola marker
  2. a snowflake stamp from the Stampinup Very Merry set.
  3. 1/3 of a 2L bottle of Canada Dry (and its contents)
  4. The button from 3 slippers
  5. One and a half fuzzy socks
  6. A teddy bear arm
  7. The forehead of a Barbie
  8. A Care Bear figurine
  9. The corner off of Franklins story book collection
  10. the Paper Bag Princess
  11. 12 Christmas cards (that I made for this year)
  12. a bottle of stickles
  13. a bag of cotton swabs for removing eye make up
  14. a flip flop
  15. a croc (the left one)
  16. A glove
  17. 3 clothes pins
  18. the crusty end of a shoe lace

All within 3 hours...All consumed by Miss Daisy May Pospolita. She is in bed now until my eye stops twitching.


And 2 reusable shopping bags - 1 from Sobeys and 1 from Toys R Us. Lord help me!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Cheeseburger Dorito's

If u find yourself talked into trying Cheeseburger Dorito's...do. Try a couple, just so that you can experience the pure chemical infusion that tastes surprisingly like a McDonalds cheeseburger (complete with onions, ketchup and pickles). If, however, you think you should continue beyond 2 or 3...don't. I would also recommend against eating 1/3 of a large bag of cheeseburger Dorito's, if you plan to chase them down with a 16oz slushie from the Irving. You know the ones I'm talking about...the ones in the clear sided box mixer with the rotating paddle that keeps it in constant motion with the light up top that reads whimsical funnies like "Made with 100% nuclear waste" and such - yeah that stuff...Well - if you plan to chug a slushy so that it mixes in your stomach with a 1/3 of a bag of Cheeseburger Dorito's...May God have mercy on your soul...and stomach.

I'm off to drink an entire bottle of pepto bismol now...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My puppy is broken!!

It may have been the Ghetto-Gangstah squirrels, or the mutant thug ground-hogs...or maybe the rose bush finally got her?? whatever it was - it looks like it hurts! And her lovely black nose is scarred pink! My poor puppy! She's broken!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Enough with the personal growth already!!!

July 20th (ish)
August 18th (ish)
Ummm Houston?? We have a problem...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Better then sex Dinner!!!

I like to try new recipes, but usually keep things simple - nothing too freaky cuz I need to be sure my peeps will still eat it weather it turns out or not. Lately, though, I've been stalking the Pioneer Woman's blog (which may be why I've gained 8lbs in the last 2 months!) Damn you PW and your completely unhealthy but oh-so delicious recipes!! I'm sure I gained 4 of those pounds last night while reading her cinnamon bun recipe which requires you to drizzle a mere 2 CUPS OF MELTED BUTTER over the rolled dough!! Holy SH*& that's a ton of butter!!! But then I wanted sticky buns and could totally hear my arteries hardening as I lusted for them...

So where was I?? Oh - right! Better then sex dinner!! So - I pulled her recipe for Beef Stew with Mushrooms. It's definately Man-Food, but has all the things I like. Meat, mushrooms, pasta, garlic...how could I go wrong?? So - off to the grocery store with list in hand and then home to whip it up. It's simmering as we speak, but I snuck one teeeeny little mushroom to taste (at the beginning of it's very long 40 minute simmering) and SWEET MOMMAH!! I am pretty sure I heard angels sing! It's wicked friggin good!!! The kind of good that normally leaves you exhausted, panting and needing a cigarette (if ya know what I'm sayin! wink-wink) Anyhoo - It's definately on my list of faves...and after dinner tonight, I'm gonna have to find a skinny-chick-cooks blog to get me off the delicious road that is leading me to fatness!! :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ghetto-Gahgstah Squirrels

Until this year, we had a family of ghetto gangstah thug ground hogs living under the shed in the back yard. They tormented Lucy for years, causing her to yelp and pee all over the darn place. Since the arrival of Daisy, though, they seem to have learned their place. Taking their place, though, is a rogue red squirrel and I'm pretty sure he's possessed. He's definately a decendant of Hannibal Lector (*insert visual of tied up squirrel with face mask here*). I'm sitting at my computer, minding my own business - surfing blogs and crochet patterns and I hear a scritching at my window - I look up - nothing. I hear it again - I look up and thought I saw something flash passed the window. (*note - the window is in the basement - at ground level so the bottom of it is literally 1" up off of the dirt in the flower bed that is in front of it.) Anyhoo - I hear it again and when I look up, there's this crazy red squirrle hanging off the darn screen starring in at me!!! WTH?! Seriously stuck on the screen giving me the hairy eyeball!! Of course I screamed! then I realized what it was - and got up and juped towards teh window...he didn't budge and tightened his gaze!!! Then I tapped on the window and he freakin sassed me!!! When I finally pointed the camera at him - he bolted!!! I'm pretty sure I'm being invaded!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I need to make something

I'm not sure what...but I need to make something. Something tangeable (sp?) with a result - something that doesn't need to be eaten, leaving only a dirty plate behind and work to do (like dishes). Something that will make me smile - and make someone else smile too...something fun and pretty and creative that servs a purpose...I need to make something tonight - but I'm not sure what...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pocket Pooches

People with pocket pooches drive me crazy! You know the people I'm talking about - the ones with itty bitty doggies who dress them up to look like people in silly hats and accessories. Why?! Seriously! and that's why I got a Saint Bernard!! Cuz they look soo freakin adorable when you dress them up and not silly at all!!!!! (heart)

(Have a mentioned that it's freakin wicked that she lets me dress her up? :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dispicable cup cakes

I got to make some cup cakes for BFF's i-kid over the weekend. We went to see Dispicable me and so...I made dispicable cup cakes! :)
Love how they turned out! :) (note - the eyeball is kinda smudgy cuz Thing 2 had to drool on it the entire way home so that I could take a picture of it!! )

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Whale cake II

Finally got my camera charged, so here's a pic of the Whale cake from Tuesday :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Blob cake!

I'm soo excited about the Bob the Blob cake I have to do for Saturday!! It's for Princess's niece and I just can't wait!
When building my whale cake yesterday (half soccer ball pan toping a 9" round) I discovered that it will be the perfect formula for Bob - cept I'll need to make him taller...but...I can't make him so tall that he'll collapse - which means I'll need to do 2 things...1 - build him in tiers and 2 - use a heavier battered cake for stability - so (big shock) 7up pound cake it will be!! :)
So - my plan is to use the soccer pan for the top of his head...and put it on top of 2- 9" rounds. That will give me my 1st tier. My genius plan is to wrap that in fondant and leave the blobby bottom on it by tucking the fondant under it (please say a prayer to the cake masters for me that this works!) For the next 2 tiers, I'll use a single 10" round - again, wrapped in blue fondant with it carved and tucked under. I'll likely change this plan as I go a little...but in cake-theory...it should work :) My main concern is having a cake that is too top heavy - which is why I'll likely use bigger rounds at the bottom...I'll just have to wait and see how it all works out. One thing I do know is that I'll have to start baking tonight! :)
Oh - and the cake itself needs to be blue too - but it may turn out green due to the yellow-ness of the batter?? If so - sorry in advance birthday girl! :S

A Whale of a cake!!

Thing 2's sitter had her kiddo's birthday party yesterday - it was great time!!! We went to the bucket club, and if you haven't checked out their new "lagoon" - what's taking you so long??! It's freakin awesome!!!

Ok - back to cake. I told Sitter lady that I'd make her kiddo's cake ages ago...she left a voice mail which DH got confirming that she needed one. I had no idea it was on a Wednesday and was thinking Saturday - oh no! DH finally called her for me and I had 1 day to pull it off! ugh! I totally chated (soo sorry cake gods) and used a mix cuz I was short on time and supplies. I baked it on Tuesday, then took Wednesday afternoon off to decorate. I started at about 1:30 and by 4:22 she was done! (the party started at 4:30! *gasp!*) Anyhow - she was a huge hit!! I had to improvise a couple of times, but overall - she turned out really well - I especially loved her little whale teeth! :)

Mr. Camera is charging right now, so when she's all juiced back up - I'll post a pic :)

Chapter 3 - Coles notes version...

So - to wrap up, the story goes like this...
  • We got the last serviced camp site at 7am eastern time
  • We could not, however, check in until 3pm - groan!
  • That left us with 3 hours to kill before the aquarium opened...on the hottest day of ever!!!
  • I was tire, cranky, sticky and in desperate need of sleep.
  • It was so hot inside and hout, that we only spent 1 hour at the aquarium (but should have spent at least 4)
  • We tried to check in at 2:00 - they said no!! AND - we coudln't be back any later then 4:00 or they'd give up the site THAT WE ALREADY FREAKIN PAID FOR!!!!!
  • Finally got checked in - set up the tent and were over run by a plague of house flies of biblical proportion!!! They were soooo gross!!
  • It poured that night!
  • Day 2 at the water park - supposed to be nice...it was freezing cold and rained all day
  • I puffed up like a Christmas Ham!
  • It poured all night...again! (we stayed dry, though)

The last day of the vacay was pretty good...we got to ride a cable car, took a walk around old quebec - paid $20. for 4 cones of ice cream and left...then took a tour of the citadel which was super interresting...then we drove home, arriving at 2am. And that's when we found the head lice!!

And so...I went back to work to get a break from my vacation!