Thursday, August 5, 2010

Blob cake!

I'm soo excited about the Bob the Blob cake I have to do for Saturday!! It's for Princess's niece and I just can't wait!
When building my whale cake yesterday (half soccer ball pan toping a 9" round) I discovered that it will be the perfect formula for Bob - cept I'll need to make him taller...but...I can't make him so tall that he'll collapse - which means I'll need to do 2 things...1 - build him in tiers and 2 - use a heavier battered cake for stability - so (big shock) 7up pound cake it will be!! :)
So - my plan is to use the soccer pan for the top of his head...and put it on top of 2- 9" rounds. That will give me my 1st tier. My genius plan is to wrap that in fondant and leave the blobby bottom on it by tucking the fondant under it (please say a prayer to the cake masters for me that this works!) For the next 2 tiers, I'll use a single 10" round - again, wrapped in blue fondant with it carved and tucked under. I'll likely change this plan as I go a little...but in should work :) My main concern is having a cake that is too top heavy - which is why I'll likely use bigger rounds at the bottom...I'll just have to wait and see how it all works out. One thing I do know is that I'll have to start baking tonight! :)
Oh - and the cake itself needs to be blue too - but it may turn out green due to the yellow-ness of the batter?? If so - sorry in advance birthday girl! :S

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