Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Whale of a cake!!

Thing 2's sitter had her kiddo's birthday party yesterday - it was great time!!! We went to the bucket club, and if you haven't checked out their new "lagoon" - what's taking you so long??! It's freakin awesome!!!

Ok - back to cake. I told Sitter lady that I'd make her kiddo's cake ages ago...she left a voice mail which DH got confirming that she needed one. I had no idea it was on a Wednesday and was thinking Saturday - oh no! DH finally called her for me and I had 1 day to pull it off! ugh! I totally chated (soo sorry cake gods) and used a mix cuz I was short on time and supplies. I baked it on Tuesday, then took Wednesday afternoon off to decorate. I started at about 1:30 and by 4:22 she was done! (the party started at 4:30! *gasp!*) Anyhow - she was a huge hit!! I had to improvise a couple of times, but overall - she turned out really well - I especially loved her little whale teeth! :)

Mr. Camera is charging right now, so when she's all juiced back up - I'll post a pic :)

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