Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Better then sex Dinner!!!

I like to try new recipes, but usually keep things simple - nothing too freaky cuz I need to be sure my peeps will still eat it weather it turns out or not. Lately, though, I've been stalking the Pioneer Woman's blog (which may be why I've gained 8lbs in the last 2 months!) Damn you PW and your completely unhealthy but oh-so delicious recipes!! I'm sure I gained 4 of those pounds last night while reading her cinnamon bun recipe which requires you to drizzle a mere 2 CUPS OF MELTED BUTTER over the rolled dough!! Holy SH*& that's a ton of butter!!! But then I wanted sticky buns and could totally hear my arteries hardening as I lusted for them...

So where was I?? Oh - right! Better then sex dinner!! So - I pulled her recipe for Beef Stew with Mushrooms. It's definately Man-Food, but has all the things I like. Meat, mushrooms, pasta, garlic...how could I go wrong?? So - off to the grocery store with list in hand and then home to whip it up. It's simmering as we speak, but I snuck one teeeeny little mushroom to taste (at the beginning of it's very long 40 minute simmering) and SWEET MOMMAH!! I am pretty sure I heard angels sing! It's wicked friggin good!!! The kind of good that normally leaves you exhausted, panting and needing a cigarette (if ya know what I'm sayin! wink-wink) Anyhoo - It's definately on my list of faves...and after dinner tonight, I'm gonna have to find a skinny-chick-cooks blog to get me off the delicious road that is leading me to fatness!! :)

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