Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pocket Pooches

People with pocket pooches drive me crazy! You know the people I'm talking about - the ones with itty bitty doggies who dress them up to look like people in silly hats and accessories. Why?! Seriously! and that's why I got a Saint Bernard!! Cuz they look soo freakin adorable when you dress them up and not silly at all!!!!! (heart)

(Have a mentioned that it's freakin wicked that she lets me dress her up? :)


Auntie Em said...

OK...the blue flower petals are my fav but they are all....Hahahahaha!!!!...too funny!

I suppose it's better than doing this to the kids!

Cassey said...

Ok that is completely adorable! That is the cutest dog I have ever seen.

LadyLipgloss said...

Those glasses crack me up! She's all like "Seriously? Do I have to explain the theory of quantum physics to you again!?"


Jenn said...

heehee I love the bow and nerd glasses!!! So cute!!