Thursday, August 5, 2010

Chapter 3 - Coles notes version...

So - to wrap up, the story goes like this...
  • We got the last serviced camp site at 7am eastern time
  • We could not, however, check in until 3pm - groan!
  • That left us with 3 hours to kill before the aquarium opened...on the hottest day of ever!!!
  • I was tire, cranky, sticky and in desperate need of sleep.
  • It was so hot inside and hout, that we only spent 1 hour at the aquarium (but should have spent at least 4)
  • We tried to check in at 2:00 - they said no!! AND - we coudln't be back any later then 4:00 or they'd give up the site THAT WE ALREADY FREAKIN PAID FOR!!!!!
  • Finally got checked in - set up the tent and were over run by a plague of house flies of biblical proportion!!! They were soooo gross!!
  • It poured that night!
  • Day 2 at the water park - supposed to be was freezing cold and rained all day
  • I puffed up like a Christmas Ham!
  • It poured all night...again! (we stayed dry, though)

The last day of the vacay was pretty good...we got to ride a cable car, took a walk around old quebec - paid $20. for 4 cones of ice cream and left...then took a tour of the citadel which was super interresting...then we drove home, arriving at 2am. And that's when we found the head lice!!

And so...I went back to work to get a break from my vacation!


Auntie Em said...

...And that's why I never go camping!
Poor Hollee! Enjoy your break back at work! :o)

Our life said...
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