Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chapter 2 - Star date...too freakin late to be driving!

So where did I leave off?? Oh yeah - flaming michal jackson packing and nobody to look after Crayzee...

Ok - so...through what I can only explain as a miracle of God, I get an e-mail from Mary Puppins at exactly 8pm...I quickly make a call in hopes that I'm lucky enough to have the awesomest of awesome friends who can take my fur-punk for 4 days with less then an hours notice...especially since said friend had just gotten back from the states only minutes before e-mailing me - yup! That makes me that ass friend who's always asking for sumpthin at the worst possible moment...Turns out - Mary Puppins is a Goddess who agrees to take my drooly pooch and without a minute to spare, DH is downstairs cursing at the kennel as he folds it up to cram into the back seat of the civic with all of CD's stuff so that we can make the break-neck-speed journey to J's house! So - we deliver Miss Daisy (again - because I'm the ass friend and Mary Puppins is a Goddess) and bolt home so that I can shower and pack my own stuff and get my annoyed and almost sleepy buns into the car...The next 2 hours are a blurr...I remember running water - soap in my eye...legs that should have been shaved but went un noticed - pitts that I could have shaved but weren't (solely for the purpose of catching DH's attention ;) random clothes flying into a bag, random bags being jammed under my legs, the car door slamming shut - ignition...and (insert intense tone of aggrivation and annoyance here ) and...HIM. >:( And at 10:30 we were Pizza the opposite direction...cuz the kids still hadn't been fed! After pizza, (which was very yummy - even at 10pm) we were almost off again! (we had to drive passed the house cuz I forgot to grab the map off the printer and the peanut butter off the counter...and the cell phone charger...and my wallet... :( And THEN we were off!! (at 11pm)

Midnight...we stop at Tim Hortons where a very large chested woman with a lip piercing stood on display in front of the counter. She didn't work there (although DH and I both believe her to be a hooker - in which case she totally DID work there! he he) She was almost posing for people who pulled up...and made it a point to say "Hi!" to DH twice! lol
1:00am - I'm taking every possible moment to remind him how bad this idea is...
2:00am - Stop at Tim Hortons again...Guess who's getting sleepy?!
3:00am - still tormenting
4:00am...getting closer...We're starting to read the map.

By 5am - I'm exhausted - I can't sleep in the car - Every time I start to doze, HE speaks...or makes a noise or does something that causes me to jerk awake! Only Thing2 has managed to sleep much - Thing1 is wide awake and at this point DH is starting to identify the holes...the massive gaping - grand canyon size craters in his the time difference! It wasn't almost 6 - it was almost 5! Nothing was open, - I hadn't slept and couldnt'...He was exhausted, the kids were barely awake and things were not looking good.

We found the aquarium first because it was on our way to the camp ground and tried to sleep in the car. Turns out, the security guard didn't like our plan and sent us on our way...a half hour later, we're parked in the camp ground parking lot...and it's a ghost town. It's clear that they're full...but there's nobody in the office and no sign of life anywhere...and it doesn't open for almost 2 hours!!! I'm sore - I'm cranky - I neeeed sleep and am reeely hoping the camp ground people will let us have our site early...and I'm also reeeely hoping for that meteor!

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