Friday, July 23, 2010

Toad Warrior

First, I have to say that I feel like a twit for turning this blog into the "drool-chronicles" (Lightbulb! that would be a cool name for a blog! ) Anyway - Between work and Puppy has been pretty busy.

The Great Toad Warrior...I took Daisy-May for a walk in the rain. It was dark - I'm un coordinated - bad idea! Plus - my imagination convinces me that I'm seeing a huge puddle creature type thing that I almost stepped on with my slimy flip flops. My brain responded before I made eye contact, forcing me into a completely un graceful and enormous leap in no particular direction - to avoid stepping on it. (note - thank gawd for yoga pants!) than my senses kicked back in and I realized it was a toad. Cool! Daisy had never seen a toad before - and so...I made her sit - I crouched on her right, with 1 arm around her shoulders and the other on her chest...and then...she saw it!!! HOLY MERCIFUL HELL!!! It was as though it were race day and she was freakin sea-biscuit stuck behind the gate!!! She was hopping and twisting and bouncing and carryign on like a fool trying to get at the savage beast that was hopping away into the darkness. Once it was clear that it was gone...I'm sure I read the thought balloon over her head that read something like..."if there be 1 - there be more!" and all bets were of for the rest of our walk! She was sniffing and looking and dragging and paying zero attention to the world around her!!! All she wanted (according to the thought balloon over her head) was "MUST CATCH HOPPING THING!!!". I'm hoping that as she ages, her mind will develop more then 1 track. Since then - I can't take her out in the rain cuz it's nose to the ground in search of the wart trail that will lead her to the hopping things!!!

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