Saturday, July 17, 2010


There's something to say for floating down the Nashwaak for over 4 straight hours...That's what I did today. Thing 2 and I tagged along with BFF and her crew...waterproof bags in tow, we waited over an hour (even with our reservation) to get in a truck and be dumped into the river...then the fun began. :) The water was very low, though, so it took a while longer then was normal cuz we had to get out alot and drag out tubes over the 2 inch deep water. But there was many a sight to see - one of which confirmed that I don't look half as awful as I think I do in a bathing suit. (Having all my teeth and being sober helps too) It's amazing what you see in the wild.

When I got home, I was very excited that I had a tan! then I looked a little closer and nope - no color at all...the sun simply connected my freckles. :( Oh well - the up side is that the water was sooper warm, so I didn't break out in hives at all!! (What can I say...I'm weird) and now thing2 is addicted to tubing and wants to go again and again and again...Maybe I'll have to tell her there are leaches in the water so that we wont' have to go back too soon...I'm not sure my arms will recover from all that paddling! :)

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Queen Mel said...

Nice! Tell her that, scar her for life!!!! LOL