Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy Freakin New Years Eve!!!

Today did not turn out quite the way I had planned. I needed the car, so I was up at the crack of dawn to drive hubby to work by 7:30am. On the way to work, we realized we forgot to let the dog out - and DH didn't bring a lunch - crap! I drop him off and baaaaack to the house I go to let Lucy out and pack him a lunch. I made Turkey soup last night, so I put some in a container, grabbed a spoon and out the door I ran. I ran back to the Superstore to get prescriptions filled, then up to Walmart to pick up some odds n' ends and munchies for tonight. Bank machine to pay bills, Dollar Store to grab more containers, then back to DH's work with his soup - DAMN! He doesn't have a microwave!! Grrrr! No big - I tell him I'll bring something back to him and at 10:20am I was feeding a meter behind the library so that I could scoot into the office and unpack the last few boxes of my stuff. My twonie bought me till 11:50 so I had to hurry! I was doing pretty good, but DH called at 11:15 to see when I'd be bringing his lunch - crap! he wanted something from harveys! No big - it's on Regent, and so am can only turn into Harveys if you're coming DOWN Regent - so...I have to drive a loop around the city to get to Harveys! I'm running late, but at 11:45, I was pulling out of the Library onto Queen. The light was red, but I can turn right anyway - cept there's a guy at the cross walk and even though he doesn't have the walk light - I don't trust pedestrians!! People behind me are now honking, and the guy looks over and waves me on - thanks buddy! Drive drive drive...I make it to Harveys. Dooooown Regent to the "River Loop" to hit Smythe. Yay for me! When I get to Smythe, the light is green and I have the arrow to turn left onto Brunswick. There's a huge SUV in the center lane, but I still have the light. I slow down to about 30km/hr and just as I cross the line into the intersection - BAM!!!! A guy walks out in front of my car!!! I HIT A FREAKIN PEDESTRIAN!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! My windshield looks like it was hit with a baseball bat and I've got visions of a white blanket laying on the road, but the freakin guy rolls off the hood of my car, and immediately jumps to my window to ask ME if I'm ok?! WTF?! I hit HIM with MY car, and HE is asking ME if I'M OK?! I was totally shaken, so I had to pull through the intersection, but couldn't see a darn thing through the windshield, and glass bits were falling in on me!! Just as I pulled into the Budget parking lot - 2 GQ looking guys in a dark car get out and come to my window. (Undercover cops from the criminal investigation unit!! Oh gawd! ) They called a cruiser and an ambulance and then a witness shows up to confirm that it would have been like hitting a deer cuz he was out in front of me and I had absolutely no time to react!! (Thank you stranger man!!) The guy I hit refused treatment (???) and claims he's absolutely fine!! But I got to spend the next 2 hours in a tow truck, going to the shop, picking up a rental and all kinds of other insurance related crap!! >:( AND even though it isn't my fault, I'll still have to pay a $250. deductable!! :( Which sucks cuz this is not a good time for that! :( Anyway, my windshield is shattered, there's a dent and a huge scuff accross my hood, but nobody was hurt (Thank you God!) and I have a rental...which is cleaner then anything else I would have been driving otherwise! lol

I guess I am closing out 2009 with one helluva bang!! I can honestly say...I would have rather beem baking!!

Happy New Year!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Doc

What are the odds that a bugs bunny pan would be so darn hard to find?! I had a pan for ages and was happy to accept an order for this cake...then it hit me!! I GAVE AWAY THE PAGE LAST YEAR!!! ugh! Oh well - Scoop & Save still rents it so my uncles name is Bob! ;) My first cake totally fell apart - crap! The 2nd one stayed together, though, with the help of loads of frosting!! I'm really quite happy with how it turned out :) It doesn't look exactly like the pan...but I think it's pretty darn close ;) I'm told the Birthday Boy was happy with it too so all is well in the world of cakes! :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

What's new??

What's new?? Hmmm...good question! Work has been beyond insane!!! I'm switching jobs again - so transitioning away from one boss, working for another - and transitioning to a 3rd! Ugh! 3 Men on the go at the same time!! LOL I feel like my brain is fried by the end of the day but it won't last much longer!

Christmas is way too close and I'm nowhere near ready! My tree is up, though! It's ummm...naked and in the dining room! lol But it's up! :)

And tonight I got to decorate my very first Bugs Bunny cake! I'm very happy with how it turned out but that will be another post.

Ok wow - that was a boring post! lol

Saturday, December 5, 2009

My new fave cake!

This cake was really fun! Each of the little girls is made of rice krispie squares that I formed into "twinkie" shapes, and covered in fondant. Everything under the sleepy girls is cake! (except the pillows which are marshmellows! ;)

The Birthday girl arrived at my home to pick up her sleepover cake this morning. It was the first one I had done like this...and wasn't sure if it was exactly what they were looking for - but - she walks in sooper little and way cute. I lifted the lid on the box and her eyes were as big as saucers when she said "WOW! You're gooood!" :)

Thanks kiddo! I think you're pretty great too! I guess I can claim another happy customer!

Boston Bruins Cake

Well, this one started out crumby - with the power going out and all - not much awesomeness being had there...I finally picked the 2 defective cakes up off the front deck this morning! lol

The inside of it was marble black and yellow (I used coloring paste to color the batter). It was a standard white and chocolate marble though.
Here it is in all it's hockey splendor. I put it in the fridge (not thinking) so the fondant turned shiney, but the recipient was sooper happy with it - so I'm happy too! :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Power of Power

I've been sick all week. In fact, I'm only starting to feel human today. I thought it best to take one more day of rest before heading back to work. Feeling semi-normal, I figured I'd get a jump start on my cakes. (I have 2 due on Friday) One is a Boston Bruins Hockey Puck cake. The 2nd is a sleepover cake. I have both planned well and was good to go. I figured I'd start with the Puck cake first, since it's the simplest. Even if I only get the cake baked, I'm still ahead of the game. Everything was going super well, and I had the cake in the oven by 8:50 this morning....9am they're both starting to rise a little - everything is going according to plan...9:05 VVVZZZEEEWWWW: *pop* the power goes out!! CRAP!!! So now I literally have 2 hockey puck cakes!

Here we go again!