Thursday, December 30, 2010

23 minutes...

DH was feeling pretty good and went to visit his bro...the kids were at Mom's...and the entire house was mine! Alllll Minnne!! And then - the youngest came home and it was over. :( 23 minutes. That's how long I had the house to myself. :(

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A new man in my life :)

I have a new man in my life! He's a little cold, and not very talkative...but I think he's adorable!
Yesterday, we made our first snow man in almost 3 winters! The best part was that DH actually got to help out too! :) The snow was perfect and I just couldn't resist - so we started rolling...and rolling...and rolling...and packing and rock hunting and eventually - we were all done! Aint he sweet!! :) Even better is that now our home actually looks like kids live here...which can be good sometimes (not so good when referring to the mountain of laundry - un put away junk and sticky substances all over everywhere) but when referring to happy things like's a very good thing! Besides...who else is going to watch traffic besides the dog?? I only wish Daisy would stop barking at him! >:(

Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Dingo ate my baby!!! etc...

A typical afternoon at the Pospolita Ranch (dealing with the local wild life)
(Please ignore the mess in the background...Martha doesn't live here:)

While on the topic of Crayzee-May, she got to spend the day at my Mothers home while I was in Edmonton...Only 1 day though. DH got to take a field trip to the ER, and we needed somebody to Crayzee-sit, so My Mother stepped up to the plate and took the dog to her house for the day. to say I was shocked was an under statement. There hasn't been a dog in her home since old Sandy passed away, and that was easily 15 years ago! Oh no - wait...we forgot poor Lucy outside one morning and she got to spend the day in the kitchen with Dad eating jam on biscuits. Back to my point - God Love Mom for taking that on for the day, cuz she is not an animal gal. Dad is the critter lover in their home as my Mothers lifestyle does not accommodate pets. In fact - even though we always had 1 or 2 growing up...she's actually afraid of dogs! She's also quite particular about the things in her home. Needless to say, all the extra fur and drool are not on her list of likes. That said, Crayzee still managed to wriggle her way into my Mothers bedroom and made herself at home! I nearly died when I saw this picture as it's the first time any dog has ever graced my parents bed! In all 36 years of my crayzee life - I've never seen it before now! And Mom wasn't freaking out even, when she took the picture! She was...dare I say...laughing!!
*side note - I'm pretty sure she has been abducted by aliens and replaced with a host species that's masquerading as my Mom!*

And here she is!!

*Note - if you are ever in my Mothers bedroom, please don't mention that her walls are Marlboro filter yellow. Dad thinks it's funny as hell! Mom...not so much. It's a touchie subject! ;)
On a more festive note...How was your Christmas?? Mine was sleepy!! :) It went something like this...
2:41am - finally finish wrapping and get to sleep.
6:02am - Dream stealers come into my room begging to open their stockings. I consent in favore of more sleep.
7:07am - Drem Stealers send in the little one to barter for rights to open 1 small present. I consent in favor of more sleep.
8:18am - Dream Stealers are relentless - they have called teh grand parents to come over (*note - next year we will disconnect the phones*) Get up - open presents with goons.
10:00am - Presents are opened...parents leave...I go back to bed.
11:00am - Breakfast is ready next door - pry myself out of bed to go eat breakfast with teh Fam.
1:00pm - head home to take a nap.
5:30pm - woken up by oldest Dream Stealer to go to Moms for turkey sandwiches.
8:30 pm - wander home to put dream stealers to bed and wait for my sleeping pill to kick in - wheeee! :)
8:45pm - hop on computer & post pics etc. on here for all to see. :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

De-railed...and silver linings

Hmmm...It has been almost a month since my last post, and the last 3ish weeks have been the most crazy and ridiculous, mind bending and emotionally draining weeks I have had ever! (and if not ever then at the very least then the most ever - in a row). Where to start??? Honestly - I don't even know where to brain is like dryer lint...with static front of a a room with a drooling dog. Yup - that's my brain! Too much on the go - can't think straight. Work is great, but nutz...Home is nutz and more. The dog...she's adding a suitable amount of chaos to our home...I missed Secret Santa, DH still feels crappy and the list of etcetera's that goes along with that are too many to mention...and in 2 days the fat man will attempt to shimmey down our un-chimney and leave treasures for the dream-stealers. The house is trashed, nothing is wrapped, I didn't get a single card made for myself - nor did I get any filled out. I didn't get any baking done...essentially, it's as if I skipped over November and December entirely, and just got a memo that Christmas is in 2 freakin days!! AUGH!!!! Ok - find a silver lining though...

  1. Got to go to Edmonton and take a pretty good course that I may not have needed...but the content was good and the trainers were great :)
  2. I got to see my sis. She's HUGE! She looks great, though. She has only gained 10lbs, and it's allll baby :)
  3. I got to see Jasper, the West Edmonton mall and a zillion other cool things. (I should have taken more pics
  4. I got to meet a scrappy friend from Skrap n' Chat :)
  5. The tree is sitll up and decorated (all except for the part where Daisy wags her tail and plows everything off the tree - cuz it would never occur to her to move and not do that.
  6. the kids are healthy and happy.
  7. I found a pair of jeans that fit...adn that I actually like (cept I gottem in Edmonton and they dont' sell them here...but I gottem damnit! :)
  8. All my shopping is done.
  9. I'm still cold & flu-free
  10. I got the most amazing and sooper comfy woolrich slippers ever!
  11. Youngest kiddo still believes in Santa. :)
  12. I'm getting Vodka for Christmas!! :)
  13. I'm off work for 10 days...but only have to use 3 days vacation!! WOOT!
  14. The parking police are off tomorrow, so I'll get to park for freeeee!

Ok - If I try to be any more positive, I just might throw up. So on that Merry note...From the bottom of my heart, I really and truly hope that anyone and everyone who takes the time to read my rantings has the most amazing and wonderful Holiday season ever!

Merry Christmas everyone! Here's to a memorable 2010 and a New year that better be friggen well better then last year! :)

Chatatcha in 2011!