Thursday, December 23, 2010

De-railed...and silver linings

Hmmm...It has been almost a month since my last post, and the last 3ish weeks have been the most crazy and ridiculous, mind bending and emotionally draining weeks I have had ever! (and if not ever then at the very least then the most ever - in a row). Where to start??? Honestly - I don't even know where to brain is like dryer lint...with static front of a a room with a drooling dog. Yup - that's my brain! Too much on the go - can't think straight. Work is great, but nutz...Home is nutz and more. The dog...she's adding a suitable amount of chaos to our home...I missed Secret Santa, DH still feels crappy and the list of etcetera's that goes along with that are too many to mention...and in 2 days the fat man will attempt to shimmey down our un-chimney and leave treasures for the dream-stealers. The house is trashed, nothing is wrapped, I didn't get a single card made for myself - nor did I get any filled out. I didn't get any baking done...essentially, it's as if I skipped over November and December entirely, and just got a memo that Christmas is in 2 freakin days!! AUGH!!!! Ok - find a silver lining though...

  1. Got to go to Edmonton and take a pretty good course that I may not have needed...but the content was good and the trainers were great :)
  2. I got to see my sis. She's HUGE! She looks great, though. She has only gained 10lbs, and it's allll baby :)
  3. I got to see Jasper, the West Edmonton mall and a zillion other cool things. (I should have taken more pics
  4. I got to meet a scrappy friend from Skrap n' Chat :)
  5. The tree is sitll up and decorated (all except for the part where Daisy wags her tail and plows everything off the tree - cuz it would never occur to her to move and not do that.
  6. the kids are healthy and happy.
  7. I found a pair of jeans that fit...adn that I actually like (cept I gottem in Edmonton and they dont' sell them here...but I gottem damnit! :)
  8. All my shopping is done.
  9. I'm still cold & flu-free
  10. I got the most amazing and sooper comfy woolrich slippers ever!
  11. Youngest kiddo still believes in Santa. :)
  12. I'm getting Vodka for Christmas!! :)
  13. I'm off work for 10 days...but only have to use 3 days vacation!! WOOT!
  14. The parking police are off tomorrow, so I'll get to park for freeeee!

Ok - If I try to be any more positive, I just might throw up. So on that Merry note...From the bottom of my heart, I really and truly hope that anyone and everyone who takes the time to read my rantings has the most amazing and wonderful Holiday season ever!

Merry Christmas everyone! Here's to a memorable 2010 and a New year that better be friggen well better then last year! :)

Chatatcha in 2011!

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Auntie Em said...

Merry Christmas Hollee!!! Enjoy your time off and a very wise old lady once told me 'Don't worry about things that won't make any difference 60 years from now!" Best advice ever! :D
{{{Hugs}}} :o)