Sunday, November 28, 2010


Christmas...hmmm...Christmas - yup - it's on its merry way. I just about threw up today when it occured to me that we are only 3 sleeps away from December!! I don't know how it happenned, but it sure did sneak up on me!

This year, (life being what it has been) we've had to simplify like crazy. We're focussing on the kids only - and have cut waaaay back on who we exchange with. Even there, we've agreed to keep it minimal or make it. I also put up a barrowed artificial tree to avoid the cost and work of a real one! This is a HUGE first for me! To me a fake tree is for a fake Christmas! :)

Today I put the tree up, and decided to actually "decorate" the house for the fist time in ever! I rarely put up more then the tree and a few randomly tossed instant decorations, which are mostly candles and candle holder things. This year, though, to make up for the fake tree - I decorated over the archways too...and even decorated the bathroom!! (Thansk KimMartha for the inspiration! :) I'm happy with how it turned out and have to say that I'm not hating the un-real tree either. I do miss the smell of a real one though. :( I spent all day pretty well on the decorations...and now I'm beat.

In addition to being beat, I'm also freaking out a little. I found out on Thursday that I have to go to Edmonton for training from the 14th to the 17th of December! The good part is that I'll get to go a few days ealier (on the 10th) and visit "Booger Head" (a.k.a. my sister who I haven't seen for over 2 years!) the crazy part is that it totally cuts up a huge span of time that's way too close to Christmas! Time I had planned to use to do my baking and gift making...which totally de-railed my "plan" for a hand made Christmas. :( Ugh...Oh well - the up side is that crochet travels! AND I'll get back at midnight on the 18th! (Just in time for SEcret Santa! - Yay! )

This year is not turning out the way I would like...but it's going to be Christmas soon - like it or not. I guess I better make a new plan and get moving! :)

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Queen Mel said...

Sounds like we all have uber busy lives.....good luck with getting everything done and safe travels.