Sunday, November 7, 2010

12 days of goals...

Ok - I'm sitting here surfing through Christmas Card ideas, reading over blogs I adore and pruposely NOT looking around my uber messy scrap/craft/computer/land-fill room. I'm being sooper irritated by the 12 days remaining of my sick leave, which is feeling more like a sentence then a "break" - soooo...I've decided to set some creative goals to help whisk me through the next 265ish hours...

Goal 1: Make 60 Christmas Cards
Goal 2: Finish Owl hat (all that's left are the eyes, beak, tassles and ear doo-dads)
Goal 3: Finish the crochet afghan I started. I'm already almost half done.
Goal 4: Make a boy-ish hat & Scarf for BFF's DS.
Goal 5: Make a Baby belly cake for a shower on Wednesday (the 10th)
Goal 6: Make a Canadians Hocky Puck cake for Boss-Man's birthday (Also on the 10th)
Goal 7: Finish the first 6 goals and if I have time...make some more to get me through...oh and eat chips! Lots and lots of chips! :)

Ok - I'm off to wrap up goal number 1...wish me luck.

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