Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My last night...

Fingers crossed, tonight is my last night of "sick leave". I have to say that today was probably the best of all days to be honest. DH went out for breakfast with his bro this morning...so I had the house to myself and wasted the time making more Christmas Cards, and watching TV. In fact, I spent almost half the day on the couch making cards! lol the 2nd half of the day was spent cleaning up the "shed". It's where DH keeps all his tools, motorcycle and also where the pool stuff/garden stuff is kept. It looks like the inside of a goats stomach in there, so I was itching to get it cleaned up! I got a decent start on it for sure...but still haven't made enough room for the stuff I need to take out there after cleaning a closet out last night. I got the de-clutter bug baaad! lol So I guess I have swapped 1 illness for another! lol Oh well - I'm glad the 2 weeks are over! (I hope)

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