Saturday, November 13, 2010

Daily observations

I took the goons in town today, for a little retail therapy...and to get them out of the house since I was about to start drinking heavily from being trapped with the little darlings. While out and about, I noticed a couple of things that seemed odd. 1st, was at the dollar store. While browsing through the coloring books, in between Ben 10 and the fraggles, were many pristinely plastic wrapped copies of the Holy Bible. (*scratch head*) Does that seem wrong to anyone other then me?? I mean seriously...who would buy a Bible from the dollar store when you can steal them from a Hotel for free?! (LOL - I'm totally kidding and was actually referring to seeing them shrink wrapped at the dollar store in the first place - honest! ;)

My next moment was in the line up at Michaels. A Man was wandering bleery eyed through the Isles with a women whom I can only imagine was his wife (since I'm sure he takes his mistress to much darker places;) when another dood approached him and they started to chat - each seeming quite relieved to have another boy to talk to. I learned that the first man's name was "J". I completed my usual M-crawl, collecting various items on sale, and made my way to the register. "J" was in the line up in front of me. His "wife" was chatting him up while he clearly payed no attention...but he was trying (which is all we can expect from them on the best of days I suppose) Anyhoo - when he turned to pay (God bless him) I noticed that his last name (I assume) was on the arm of his coat. His last name was...are you ready??!! I can't even stand it. :) His last name was Walker!!! ARE YOU FREAKIN SERIOUS?! J-Walker?! I suddenly had the urge to run him over. :)

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