Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Papa's Caddillac

Papa always wanted a red caddillac. I remember the day he bought it! It was burgundy and absolutely loaded...not that there's ever a Caddi that isn't! lol He was sooo proud of it! It was the apple of his eye until the day he died. When he passed, we couldn't bear to part with it and it moved on to my Dad. As with all luxury vehicles of the 90's, it's a gas guzzler!! So bad that it is really no less then $20 a day to drive it around can only use high test gas...and it can't get less then half full or it won't run! Over the years, it has started to cost more to fix then its worth, but my parents have paid their fortune to keep it on the road. The battery won't hold a charge, and the starter is gone so you have to turn the key just so to make it go. The wipers haven't worked right in a dogs have to push in and turn at just the right speed to make them shut off and I won't even begin to express my frustration and replacing the flasher that would make the signal lights work again! It's been a long road for the old girl...but this year, it's time is up. I'm sad to see it go because it's such a reminder of Papa and every time I look at it, I can picture him with his great big grin; "Isn't she pretty" he'd say!

Mom got a new car - and she needs one. The Caddillac is costing way too much to run and she's on the go too much to not have something more reliable then her 12 year old luxury sedan. What she got was a 2005 Buick. I guess the Caddi is going to auction and I almost cried until she told me that she had asked to keep the horn! lol She pressed it a couple of times and told me that the kids love it cuz it sounds just like a train...and it does! I'm really going to hate to see the old girl go...but at least we'll get to keep a small part of her, and maybe him too?